PrivateTalk [LITE] | GUI Chatroom Manager | Very configurable | No other plugin like it 1.3.6

Fast & light-weight party-chat plugin

  1. Added a /pt ban and /pt pardon, added a lot more messages to language.yml and fixed some bugs


    1. Added a /pt ban and a /pt pardon command, players who are banned will not be able to join said chatroom until pardoned.
    2. Added a lot more messages to language.yml
    3. Fixed /pt delete bug and other small bugs

    How to install
    1. Delete your older versions of PrivateTalk, including the folder
    2. Drop jar in plugins folder and reload / restart server
    3. If it does not work at all, try reloading or restarting your server again. This has been noted and doing the above will fix it.
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