PrivateTalk [LITE] | GUI Chatroom Manager | Very configurable | No other plugin like it 1.3.6

Fast & light-weight party-chat plugin

  1. Added spying, made menu permission based and easier to comprehend. Deletion bug fixed.

    Update 1.3.4
    * New Changes
    - Added a /pt spy <chat-room> command. Doing this will let you "spy" on said chat room. To get out of spy mode, run the command again
    - Added messages after the command in the help menu, also made the menu permission based (players will only see commands they have permission for)
    - Fixed bug with deleting chat-rooms that were saved.

    How to install - Read if your using language file!
    1. If you are not using the language file, delete old folder and jar and replace it with 1.3.4
    2. Restart / reload server twice. And your set to go!

    Using language file
    1. Save a copy of your old language file,
    2. Delete the old folder and jar and replace it with the v1.3.4
    3. Add the messages below to your old language file, and put it back in your PrivateTalk folder replacing the new one.
    4. Then reload / restart twice.

    menu-create: "&f(Creates a chat-room)"

    menu-leave: "&f(Leaves your current chat-room)"

    menu-kick: "&f(Kick a player from your chat-room)"

    menu-ban: "&f(Ban a player from your chat-room)"

    menu-save: "&f(Saves a chat-room from being erased on restart)"

    menu-join: "&f(Join a public chat-room)"

    menu-invite: "&f(Invite a player to your chat-room)"

    menu-toggle: "&f(Toggle your chat between server and chat-room)"

    menu-public: "&f(Toggle status of your chat-room)"

    menu-pardon: "&f(Unban a player from your chat-room)"

    menu-info: "&f(Display information about a chat-room)"

    menu-delete: "&f(Delete your chat-room or others if permission is granted)"

    menu-list: "&f(List all current chat-rooms)"

    menu-spy: "f(Spy on a chat-room)"

    menu-nick: "&f(Nickname yourself or others in a chat-room)"

    menu-reload: "&f(Reload the PrivateTalk configuration file)"

    menu-promote: "&f(Promote a player to owner of your chat-room)"

    player-spy: "&aYou &eare now spying on &a%c!"

    player-spy-remove: "&aYou&e are no longer spying on &c%c!"
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