PrivateTalk [LITE] | GUI Chatroom Manager | Very configurable | No other plugin like it 1.3.6

Fast & light-weight party-chat plugin

  1. Added moderator position, spyall command, small bugs fixed


    What's new?

    * Moderator position added
    - Ability to kick and invite players

    * Added a /spyall command which automatically spies in/out of all chat-rooms (privatetalk.spyall)

    * Fixed small syntax errors and logic

    How to install
    If you are not using language file,
    1. Delete old jar and folder (save config if needed), replace with v1.3.5
    2. Reload / restart twice to load in properly

    Language file
    Repeat processes above, except save your language file and add in these new messages and translate as you pleace

    Code (Text):
    menu-mod: "&f(Promote a player to moderator of your chat-room)"
    menu-demote: "&f(Demotes a player from moderator of your chat-room)"
    cannot-kick-owner: "&eYou cannot kick the owner of the chat-room!"
    cannot-invite-owner: "&eYou cannot invite the owner of the chat-room!"
    promoted-to-mod: "&eYou have promoted &a%p&e to moderator position!"
    demoted-mod: "&eYou have demoted &c%p&e from moderator!"
    player-promoted-to-mod: "&eYou have been promoted to moderator in &a%c&e!"
    player-demoted-to-mod: "&eYou have been demoted from moderator in &c%c&e!"
    already-mod: "&a%p&e is already a moderator!"
    not-a-mod: "&c%p&e is not a moderator!"
    info-mod-line: "&a Mods (&f%o&a)&f: %mods"
    removed-from-x: "&eYou have stopped spying on &c%c&e!"
    added-to-x: "&eYou are now spying on &a%c&e!"

    Then delete jar and replace with new one and reload.
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