PrivateTalk [LITE] | GUI Chatroom Manager | Very configurable | No other plugin like it 1.3.6

Fast & light-weight party-chat plugin

  1. **Finally** fixed bug where languages.yml didn't load initially


    Small update
    Hate how this plugin didn't load on your first reload / restart? Well now it does. You don't necessarily need to download this update as it adds no new functionality but it will be nice to no longer have to /reload twice to load the messages.

    How to install
    1. Delete your old PrivateTalk.jar
    2. Put in PrivateTalk_v1.3.6.jar
    3. Reload ONCE

  2. Added moderator position, spyall command, small bugs fixed


    What's new?

    * Moderator position added
    - Ability to kick and invite players

    * Added a /spyall command which automatically spies in/out of all chat-rooms (privatetalk.spyall)

    * Fixed small syntax errors and logic

    How to install
    If you are not using language file,
    1. Delete old jar and folder (save config if needed), replace with v1.3.5
    2. Reload / restart twice to load in properly

    Language file
    Repeat processes above, except save your language file and...
  3. Added spying, made menu permission based and easier to comprehend. Deletion bug fixed.

    Update 1.3.4
    * New Changes
    - Added a /pt spy <chat-room> command. Doing this will let you "spy" on said chat room. To get out of spy mode, run the command again
    - Added messages after the command in the help menu, also made the menu permission based (players will only see commands they have permission for)
    - Fixed bug with deleting chat-rooms that were saved.

    How to install - Read if your using language file!
    1. If you are not using the language file, delete old folder and...
  4. Saved chat-rooms on restarts / reloads

    (UNTESTED) Though it should work!

    * Quick plugin update, chat-rooms that are saved will now auto-save on restarts / reloads.

  5. Quick fix with /pt list spamming chat

    Quick fix to /pt list spamming chat. No need to delete folder. Just replace old jar with v1.3.2_FIX.jar Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 7.54.03 PM.png

    Thanks, and sorry for leaving this bug out :oops:
  6. Lots of bug fixes


    Bugfixes -
    * No longer can you invite, kick, ban, or promote yourself
    * /pt accept without a pending invite has been fixed.
    * Fixed bug where saved chat-rooms with offline owners throws NPE when /pt info is done on them
    * Fixed /pt delete <Two> <parameters>

    New messages for language users
    Code (Text):
    cannot-invite-self: "&eYou cannot invite yourself!"
    cannot-kick-self: "&eYou cannot kick yourself!"
    cannot-promote-self: "&eYou cannot promote yourself!"
    cannot-ban-yourself: "&eYou...
  7. Translation file complete, coversations now save correctly

    * Translation file now contains every message
    * Bug with saving chat-rooms is now fixed. Chat-rooms are saved in their current state when being saved.

    How to install
    1. Delete any old versions of PrivateTalk, including your folder.
    2. Restart / reload your server. Note, if it does not work at first please do /reload or restart again. It will work the second time.
    3. Enjoy :)
  8. File support added & languages.yml has been updated!


    * File support has been added! You can now do /pt save <chat-room> to save it to a file! This will save the players, the name, the owner, and banned players.

    * More messages have been added to the languages.yml

    How to install
    1. Delete any old versions of PrivateTalk, including the jar file and the folder. This is important!
    2. Drop jar file in plugins folder, and reload / restart the server.
    3. If you get internal errors after it reloads, please do /reload again. This...
  9. Added a /pt ban and /pt pardon, added a lot more messages to language.yml and fixed some bugs


    1. Added a /pt ban and a /pt pardon command, players who are banned will not be able to join said chatroom until pardoned.
    2. Added a lot more messages to language.yml
    3. Fixed /pt delete bug and other small bugs

    How to install
    1. Delete your older versions of PrivateTalk, including the folder
    2. Drop jar in plugins folder and reload / restart server
    3. If it does not work at all, try reloading or restarting your server again. This has been noted and doing the...
  10. Added a nickname command for chat rooms, added a language file


    /pt nick <player> <nickname>

    Has been added, chat colors supported and can be up to two words.

    Language file has also been added, will be updating more and more.