New ban system, a need for every server!

  1. Coder_Aaron

    A nice and easy to use ban plugin! It has all the basic commands in a ban plugin, nothing to take the memory from your server. It runs as efficient as possible and runs only what it needs to! If you have a small or large server this is a need!

    • Kick
    • Ban
    • Tempban
    • Unban
    • Clearchat / CC
    • aaron.kick
    • aaron.ban
    • aaron.tempban
    • aaron.unban
    • aaron.clearchat
    Bugs found and fixed:
    There was a bug that would make it say Banned for: Null and Banned By: Null. It is fixed. Make sure to update!

    Updates planned:
    I am planning to add warns so you can warn players! If someone is being being bad but not bad enough to be punished, warn them. They will stop or you will ban.
    I am also going to add MySQL bans, so you can have the same banned players across an ENTIRE network! If you run a network this plugin will be for you!
    I will be adding a anti-swear system replacing swearing with *. I will also be adding a anti-avertisment system, when a player advertises it will remove the message and warn the player, on the 3rd warning it will mute the player for configurable time. I will also be adding a config where you can config the messages (EX: instead of Banned by: (Player) you can make it Banned: (Player) etc.). I will also be adding a UUID support system.
    Also one last thing for now, I will also be adding IP Bans once I can figure out how that works! Once that is working I will keep you posted!

    Working on:
    Fixing tempban

    Check List:
    • Clearchat system added

    Tempban isnt working will be fixed soon

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    Graphics and description made by Alontrle owner of Konerale Network (
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Recent Reviews

  1. aljoscha
    Version: 1.1.2
    Really nice plugin simpel and nice!

    can you add A short config for the ban message?
  2. Brunno
    Version: 1.1.2

    The best ban plugin ever

    Realy realy realy good

    The best for mini-games server
    1. Coder_Aaron
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. If you have any ideas PM me.
  3. CustomEnchants
    Version: 1.1
    I'm giving you 4 stars for right now as i see potential issues
    when users change their username due to no uuid support
    Other then that try and make a configuration file to allow us to change messages
    1. Coder_Aaron
      Author's Response
      That is a great idea! I am very backed up right now on some private plugins but I will get to that ASAP!
  4. iShadey
    Version: 1.1

    And a suggestion: in your to do it says do a clear chat so u can clear when someone advertises, you should make it if someone is banned for 'adv' or 'advertising' it auto clears chat :)
    1. Coder_Aaron
      Author's Response
      I could possibly set-up a automated system like that I will keep you posted! Thanks for the feedback!
  5. Zomberr
    Version: 1.1
    Nice, I just put this on my server today for testing and it worked great so far! I cannot wait for the warning system once that comes out this may be my primary punishment system for my server.
    1. Coder_Aaron
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the feedback I will be taking all these suggestions into consideration and I am working on warn system as of now it should be out by later today or tomorrow.