ProBleed-HC Blood Loss Sim 1.3.8

Makes players take damage from blood loss until healed!

  1. Added Language Yml

    As per @z123x894 's request, there is now a language yml that gives the ability to edit most messages! If you mess up a config option, just delete the file and reload to get the default file.

  2. Bug fixes+Better Updater

    This updater can automatically update using spiget.
    I am open to suggestions. If you want any new feature let me know!
  3. Added an Updater

    A simple new updater was added. This will allow you to be alerted when a new version comes out. Later plans are to make it automatically download and install the new version.

    Got any suggestions? Make sure to send me a PM!
  4. Fix to previous update

    - Accidentally uploaded the same jar
  5. Bug fixes

    - Fixed bug where using a bandage consumed an entire stack
    - /bandage provides the appropriate bandage
  6. Crafting Recipes!

    As per @LarexCode 's request, you can now make a custom recipe for players to use in order to get a bandage! Check out the config to see what you can do.

    Known issues:
    /bandage will give a normal paper instead of the new bandage
    if you heal yourself with normal paper stack of more than 1, the entire stack disappears
  7. Now you can have custom Potion effects!

    As per @IKFAM 's idea, You can now add custom potion effects to be applied to your players! Just type the name of your effect plus with a ':' followed by the level of potion you wish to apply in the config!

    So poison lvl3 + slow lvl 10 would be
    Code (Text):
    - poison:2
    - slow:9
    you can add as much as you want!
    remember levels start from 0
    Have fun playing god!
  8. Posted true 1.1 Version. Bug fixes

    - Fixed a bug where it was impossible to self-heal
    - Added a broadcast
  9. Bug fixes

    Fixed a few bugs regarding damage taken