Project Rassilon 2.0-PREVIEW-1

Become a Time Lord and regenerate!

  1. Squawkers13
    Project Rassilon
    is a plugin that allows you to regenerate as a Time Lord from
    Doctor Who!

    • Regenerate upon death with an awesome particle effect.​
    • You can only regenerate a certain number of times. (The faithful default is 12.)​
    • Force yourself to regenerate with a command.​
    • Prevent regeneration with a command.​
    • A bunch of useful admin commands included too!​
    NOTE: The GitHub documentation is currently a work in progress.

    On start-up, the plugin sends some usage statistics to You can opt-out by setting "stats" to false in the config.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Alekkkkk
    Version: 2.0-PREVIEW-1
    Hey Squawkers, I remember you, actually. Interesting to see you're coding! I love it, I'm using it on my server. anyway i doubt you remember me lol.
    as my suggestion, i'd like to point out that skinsrestorer is a great way to set skins without using libsdisguises. that plugin is cool, i discovered it when i made my server offline mode.
  2. DragonHunterJef
    Version: 2.0-PREVIEW-1
    can you update the plugin pls it's very cool i use it on my server but flame effect is not working
  3. ThunderViper
    Version: 1.4
    May I recommend integration with LibsDisguises to change your player skin randomly on regeneration, too?
    1. Squawkers13
      Author's Response
      That's interesting. Might try this
  4. QuillzToxic
    Version: 1.3
    Excellent, simply Excellent
  5. dada84
    Version: 1.3
    Great plugin. I used it a long time ago, but my server was closed. Now that my server's reopened, I reinstalled this amazing plugin :D