ProjectChatFilter 1.0

The best chat filter ever!

  1. alzdoesmc
    You've probably been thinking about how they got their chat filter. They use an online API. I've decided to use an online API, too!

    Currently, there are no intentions to be able to modify words. If you would like a word added, please ask me in a conversation or in the discussion.


    1. Drop in plugins folder
    2. Join
    3. Chat a bunch of curse words
    4. Watch the magical asterisks pop up
    5. ???
    6. There is no step 6.
    7. Profit!

    - Ability to have warnings for a certain "profanity level." Profanity levels are equal to the amount of bad words in their message
    - After a certain amount of warnings, a player can be kicked.
    - Warning message and kick messages can be configured, as well as the profanity level required to set off the warning system, and the amount of warnings required for the player to be kicked

    List of banned words:

    API itself: message here