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  1. ProjectKorra
    This plugin requires that you are running ProjectKorra (Core) v1.8.0 or later.

    ProjectKorra (Items) is an extension on the ProjectKorra (Core) plugin. It allows server administrators to create their own unique bending items that modify the strengths and weaknesses of Bending abilities. You can view extensive information on what the plugin can do on the official ProjectKorra wiki. This page will outline the basic features.

    • Customizable Item System
      • ProjectKorra (Items) uses a unique configuration file to load each item that you design. Using the plugin's config, you can manipulate every aspect of your items.
        • DisplayName: The name of the item.
        • Lore: The lines that appear underneath the items name.
        • Material: The material of the item.
        • Amount: The amount of items that will appear every time your item is crafted.
        • Durability: The durability, or the specific data value of your item.
        • Glow: If the item glows like it was enchanted.
        • ShapedRecipe/UnshapedRecipe: The crafting recipe of the item, shaped means that the plugin will check to make sure each crafting ingredient was placed in the correct position.
        • Stats: Over 120 unique item traits such as bending power-ups, bending weakeners, and Air Gliding.
    • Item Display
      • An inventory containing all of your items appears to the player.
      • Players can click in the GUI to see an item's Recipe.
      • Players with permission can right click an item to take it.
    Commands / Permissions
    • /bi reload - Reloads the config.
      • benmingitems.command.reload
    • /bi give - Let's a player spawn items to themselves and other players.
      • bendingitems.command.give
      • A player with this permission will also be able to remove items from the GUI by right clicking.
    • /bi stats - Lets a player view a list of the plugin's stats.
      • bendingitems.command.stats (Defaults: true)
    • /bi items - Brings up an item display that shows all of the custom items. If they click on an item it will show the recipe.
      • bendingitems.command.items (Defaults true)
      • /bi items stats - Shows the same item display but also lists the stats that are on each individual item. (benmingitems.command.items.stats (Defaults:true))
    • /bi equip - Equips an item so that it follows the player's active inventory slot.
      • benmingitems.command.equip
    Example Uses
    • Create an Air Glider that allows Airbenders to glide while boosting the power of their Bending.
    • Create new items that act as Water Sources or increase the range / radius of existing abilities.
    • Change any damage values for existing Bending abilities.
    • Create items that boost passives or decrease cool down.
    Item Creation Tutorials
    You can find tutorials on creating new items here.

    For best results, please report any bugs or issues you may have via the official ProjectKorra Bug Tracker on the ProjectKorra forums. This will allow all developers to see it, ensuring a response.

Recent Updates

  1. v1.4.0 for MC 1.10

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  1. LordBeckett
    Version: v1.1.1 for Spigot v1.8.8
    This Plugin(addon) is adding very cool Features, the developers are nice and it is always getting Supported and Updated (looking forward to the 1.10 compatible version ;D). Really cool!!! Custom Items are sooooo great!