ProjectKorra (Probending) v1.0.1

Change the way you think about Minecraft Multiplayer.

  1. ProjectKorra
    Note: ProjectKorra (Probending) is only compatible with ProjectKorra (Core) v1.8.0 BETA 6 or higher. You can find BETA builds of ProjectKorra (Core) here.

    Note 2: This is the first release of the plugin, bugs are to be expected. Please report any and all bugs you find via the Bug Reports section of our forum.

    Probending downloads can be found in the "Official Plugin Releases" section of the forum (or on this page). Here you will find the official and well tested releases. You can find BETA builds in the Probending BETA Build resource section. Do note, BETA builds are not recommended to be run on public servers. We do test these builds to ensure they are runnable, but we cannot guarantee it'll work 100%.


    • Create Probending teams consisting of a variety of the elements.
    • Limit the amount of players in a Probending team.
    • Control which elements are allowed to participate in Probending.
    • Chat channels for players currently in Probending rounds.
    • Hooks into server economy for creating or renaming teams. (Requires Vault)
    • Build in timer for automated Probending rounds.
    • Highly Configurable
    • MySQL and SQLite support for storing teams.
    • Win / Loss tracking.
    • Hooks into WorldGuard to create an arena and automate rounds.
    ProjectKorra comes with its own API that allows developers to hook into it. You can view more information on the Javadocs.

    Probending comes with a configuration file that allows server owners to modify their Probending experience to their liking. You can find more information about configuring the plugin here.

    Commands and Permissions
    The Probending plugin also comes with several command and permissions necessary for the plugin to operate. You can view more information here.

    Upcoming Features
    Because ProjectKorra (Probending) is in its early release stages, we have several features we have planned but were unable to make it into the first official version. These features include, but are not limited to:

    • The ability to create multiple arenas.
    • The ability to have multiple rounds going on at the same time.
    • An advanced team ranking system.
    • The ability for players to join an automated queue.
    • Multiple Probending Chat Channels (per match)
    • Custom (official) Probending Abilities
    • The ability to create arenas that have a dividing line in the middle.
    • Improved storage of player, arena, and records.
    • The ability for players to play independently of their team affiliation.
    • The ability for teams to challenge each other.
    • Tournaments

Recent Updates

  1. Important Fixes Round 2
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Recent Reviews

  1. LordBeckett
    Version: v1.0.1
    This Plugin(addon) is adding very cool Features, the developers are nice and it is always getting Supported and Updated (looking forward to the 1.10 compatible version ;D). Really cool!!!