ProjectRetile 1.0.0b

The new, modern & hackable BungeeCord Report Plugin. The follow up remake to UltimateReport.

  1. v1.0.0: Full release of ProjectRetile

    This release is the first production ready build. It has been tested by our testers.
    • Added full BungeeCord 1.11 Support
    • Added full BungeeUtil 2.0 Support (as @WolverinDEV surprisingly released v2) (Thanks @nitramleo for the notification)
    • Changed configuration type to Toml. This is a much more easier to use configuration type very similar (but simplier) to Yaml. For more information about this, please visit the Wiki.
    • Added french translation made by the user @NyCoSD. Big thanks to him!
    • Added JavaDocs. Visit them at
    • Added parsing of raw Json input (for example from using Gson. This removes the minimal-json dependency and reduces file size.
    • Removed SQL version checking. It was only used by the internally database upgrades from the pre-releases.
    • Fixed a few spelling mistakes
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