Promchousing | Sell | Rent | Bungeecord Cross Server Support 1.0

Allow your players to sell and rent WorldGuard regions.

  1. goflish
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    • 1.16
    • 1.17
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    goflish, Travja
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    Promchousing allows your players to sell and rent WorldGuard regions.

    • WorldGuard
    • Vault
    • Risecore
    • Promcutilties
    • Rent worldguard regions
    • Sell worldguard regions
    • Language file for translating into your language
    • Create unlimited deed types needed for renting house regions, each with their own unique settings.
    • Deeds are physical items you can give your players that are needed in order to rent a worldguard region.
    • Supports custom model data for the deed items.
    • Hooks with our other plugin, Prorandomchests to drop deeds by chance from random chests that spawn in the world.
    • Set the rent amount for each deed type.
    • Set how long a region can be extended by the player.
    • Set how much time the region comes with when it is initially rented.
    • Set how much time is given when extended rent.
    • Set the grace period allowed before a house region is removed from the player for not extending the rent.
    • Set the warn interval when a house is in grace period.
    • Players interact with signs to extend their rent and view expiry information.
    • Players can use /house home to teleport to their home. Supports bungeecord!
    • Players can add friends to their homes based on the deed type settings.
    • Optionally set quantity limits for each block type that the player can place within their plot.
    • Optimized for large servers (signs update when the chunk is loaded)
    • Optionally show visual for rented and unrented above the region sign.
    A region that is available to rent[​IMG]

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