Promcutilities (Voucher Plugin) 1.0.1

Voucher plugin with dupe protection features.

  1. goflish
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    goflish, Travja
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    Dupe Prevention Features
    • Each voucher is assigned an ID when given to the player.
    • If a voucher is duped, then the ID will be duplicated and this will trigger a notification and the player will be logged.
    • If a player trades a duped voucher, then the players that are given the duped vouchers also gets logged by the player that handed them out.

    General Features
    • Create unlimited custom vouchers.
    • Save vouchers to the database in game with a command.
    • Inventory full detection
    • If the player's inventory is full, the player will be notified.
    • Any vouchers that were given when the player's inventory was full can be retrieved at any time with a command.
    • Set notification settings for full inventory with cooldowns for message notifications.
    • Language file for easy translation.
    Voucher Features
    • Set if a voucher can be dropped by a player.
    • Set if a voucher can be traded by a player.
    • Set if a voucher can be dropped on death.
    • Set if a voucher gets removed on death.
    • Set if a voucher gets removed on use.
    • Set if a voucher requires confirmation when being used.
    • Set if a voucher needs permission to use the voucher.
      • Can set a list of permissions
      • Can also set negated permissions: meaning if they already have the permission, then they can't use the voucher.
    • Set a list of commands with delay timers
    • Set if commands are ran as player, console, or OP

    • /pmcu items give <id>
      • Give yourself an item from promcutilities
    • /pmcu items give <player> <id> <amount>
      • Give a player an item from promcutilities
    • /pmcu drop <player> <id> <amount>
      • Drop an item at the players location from promcutilities
    • /pmcu items create <id>
      • Save an item you are holding to promcutilities
    • /pmcu items delete <id>
      • Delete a saved item from promcutilities
    • /pmcu claim
      • If a player receives an item from the "/pmcu items give" command when their inventory is full it will be saved until the player runs /pmcu claim
    • /pmcu reload
      • Reloads the plugin
    • /pmcu save
      • Saves the plugin's settings
    There are currently no permissions. We will be adding permissions soon.

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