Promoteer 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT

Promote your server with redeemable codes for money!

  1. AniSkywalker
    Promoter allows you to offer new players vouchers for money! It's great for server lists, events, and items of the sort. It's extremely simple and easy to use. It comes with a fully functional language file for easy customization and translation.
    1. Place JAR file in plugins folder with Vault and an economy plugin.
    2. Reload/Restart server.
    3. ???
    4. Profit!!!
    [ ] means required argument
    • '/redeemcode [codeid]' Aliases: code, redeem, voucher, redeemvoucher. Purpose: Use to redeem a code.
    • '/createcode [money]' Purpose: Use to create a code that will reward the set amount of money on use.
    • '/deletecode [codeid]' Purpose: Use to delete a code.
    • promoteer.create: Permission for /createcode.
    • promoteer.delete: Permission for /deletecode.
    • promoteer.redeem: Permission for /redeemcode.
    Planned Features
    • Live updates of the file.
    • Ability to use words as the code.
    • Configurable minimum/maximum numbers for random generation.
    • Implementation of the configuration file.
    • Per-Code-Permission
    • Codes can execute commands (maybe in the far future)
    This plugin is fully copyrighted and protected under the law. Any unauthorized reproductions of this project or any component of it not otherwise licensed will be met with appropriate legal action.
    This plugin requires Vault and a supported economy plugin (iConomy, EssentialsEco, etc.). Don't spam me with "it's not working bruh" if you do not have these two components.