PromotionEssentials 3.0.1-SNAPSHOT

Promote players with Time, Signs, Passwords, Tokens, Money and Kills!

  1. ephan
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Update coming soon. PromotionEssentials will go through a metamorphosis that will make it much more useable by developers. Token and kill promote will also be added back. This plugin page will also go through a massive redesign.

    Promotion Essentials is the master promotion plugin! Promote players with Time, Signs, Passwords, Tokens, Money and Kills! I am completely dedicated to this plugin, so don't worry about not getting support for your version of spigot! This plugin is perfect if you don't have time to promote everyone manually on your server, the opportunities are limitless!

    Suggest Features or ask for help through PM, Thank you! :)

    • Promotion after a certain amount of time! (Back and better than ever)
    • Get Promoted via Password
    • Get Promoted via Signs
    • Get Promoted by Tokens (Temp disabled till next version)
    • Buy Ranks with in-game money
    • Promotion by kills! (Temp disabled till next version)
    • /apply [password] --> use the password to get promoted
    • /token [token] --> use token [token]
    • /token create [group] [expiration] --> create a random token for [group] with the expiration [expiration] - Expiration format is 00h00m00s
    • /rank list--> list all buyable ranks
    • /rank buy [rank] --> buy the rank [rank]
    • pe.sign.create --> Anyone with this permission will be able to create promotion signs
    • pe.sign.use.<group> --> Anyone with this permission will be able to use promotion signs for the group <group>
    • pe.sign.use.* ----------> Anyone with this permission will be able to use all promotion signs
    • pe.kill.promote ---> Anyone with this permission will be able to get promoted from kills
    • pe.token.use ----------> Anyone with this permission will be able to use tokens
    • pe.token.* ----------> Anyone with this permission will be able to use all token commands
    • pe.token.create ----------> Anyone with this permission will be able to create token
    •[rank] ----------> Anyone with this permission will be able to buy [rank]
    • pe.rank.list ----------> Anyone with this Permission will be able to use the /ranks command
    •* ---> Buy any rank
    • pe.apply --> Allows you to apply for promotion.
    Sign Promotion



    Metrics has been added to the plugin so I can make updates that my specific user base will enjoy. You can disable it in the config if you don't want it.

    Need Help?
    Send me a ticket! I will try to answer it immediately! Do not post a review for help.

    Custom Promotions
    Write the code you want in your plugin for a promotion and then when the requirements are met type: new Promote(player, rank);

    Must add PE as a dependency.

    Planned Features
    • A way to put what the rank gives when you buy it
    • More to come soon!

Recent Reviews

  1. diebudeistcool
    Version: 3.0.1-SNAPSHOT
    This plugin is very good but please do further Updates! Sorry, I am not so good in English.
    1. ephan
      Author's Response
      If you want me to update, maybe don’t 3 star it asking for updates and also saying it’s very good.
  2. MinecraftUser1
    Version: 2.0.7
    Hello ethsmith, plugin looks good but one question remains here.
    On our server we try to setup a "rank - hierarchy" meaning you must buy member first before you can buy the next rank. Is it possible with your plugin to do this? buying one rank after another with a require sign or anything like that?
    1. ephan
      Author's Response
      Yes, dm me.
  3. AvelgamerYT
    Version: 2.0.7
    Amazing, does exactly what I need it to do. Very simple and easy to set up, works right out of the box. Fast response, answered all my questions. V recommended! Ignore all of the other people, this is awesome. :D
  4. RaceShafter
    Version: 2.0.7
    Cant create tokens. Error occures. Very bad. I typed in /token create SkyVIP 12h00m00s And it doesnt work.
    1. ephan
      Author's Response
      i've said time and time again that if you need help to dm me and not review it with your problem. There is an easy fix, all you have to do is ask for help. Thanks for tanking my reviews due to a simple problem.
  5. Shark_vil
    Version: 2.0.7
    1. ephan
      Author's Response
      DM Me if you want help
  6. Zakkry
    Version: 2.0.7
    Having issues with LuckPerms and their promote/demote tracks. It keeps adding groups to the players instead of promoting them and removing the last group. Essentially breaking LuckPerms promote/demote system.
    1. ephan
      Author's Response
      I will not help you or update the plugin because as far as I’m concerned this review doesn’t exist. Do what I have said multiple times and multiple other devs and send a PM.
  7. alluahkbar123321
    Version: 2.0.3
    :Nice plugin :D:
    :keep it up ! :
    1. ephan
      Author's Response
      Thanks :)
  8. eZ_KrieG3R
    Version: 1.1
    Seems like your plugin is not compatible with "LuckPerms":
    [21:52:34 INFO]: [PromotionEssentials] No permissionssystem found!
    [21:52:34 INFO]: [PromotionEssentials] Disabling PromotionEssentials v1.1
    [21:52:34 INFO]: [PromotionEssentials] v.1.1 disabled!
    1. ephan
      Author's Response
      PromotionEssentials 2 will support luck perms
  9. Dynam1cally
    Version: 1.1
    Simple plugin that still works, i use it in my server for progression and it works nicely. You do see signs of the plugin being outdated with certain commands but it works fine in 1.13.1
  10. oldfart
    Version: 1.1
    I previously rated this plugin in 2016 with 5 stars and it still works in 1.13.1 No need to update, ready to use :) Great plugin!