Promotions 1.1

A very simple to use promotions plugin, which promotes players and announces it to the server.

  1. Tagtart
    A simple way for servers to promote their players to staff, donator ranks, and more! You can fully customize all the commands run in the config file. Note all these commands are executed by the console.



    There are two commands for use here, and these are /promote and /demote. The plugin announces all successful promotions and demotions, and the usages are listed here:​
    Code (Text):
    /promote <player> <rank>
    Adds the player to the given group.
    E.g: /promote ComplexHD Helper
    will add ComplexHD to the group Helper.

    /promote <player> <rank from> <rank to>
    Switches the player from '<rank from>' to '<rank to>'.
    E.g: /promote Official_EZ Moderator Admin
    will remove Official_EZ from Moderator, and add him to Admin.

    /demote <player> <rank>
    Removes the given player from the group.
    E.g: /demote doctor_spiral Guard
    will remove doctor_spiral from Guard.

    /demote <player> <rank from> <rank to>
    Switches the player from '<rank from>' to '<rank to>'.
    E.g: /demote Tagtart Admin Moderator
    will remove Tagtart from Admin, and add him to Moderator.



    This is a default config for use with the plugin PermissionsEx. You can modify all the commands used in the automatically generated config.yml.​
    Code (Text):
    #Message shown on a successful promotion broadcast
    promote message: '&c&lPromotion&r &4»&e <player>&6 has been promoted to &e<rank>&6!'

    #What commands are run on this command
    /promote <player> <rank>:
    - /pex group <rank> user add <player>

    #What commands are run on this command
    /promote <player> <rank from> <rank to>:
    - /pex group <rank to> user add <player>
    - /pex group <rank from> user remove <player>

    #Message shown on a successful demotion broadcast
    demote message: '&f&lDemotion&r &e»&6 <player>&c has been demoted from &6<rank>&c!'

    #What commands are run on this command
    /demote <player> <rank>:
    - /pex group <rank> user remove <player>

    /demote <player> <rank from> <rank to>:
    - /pex group <new rank> user remove <player>
    - /pex group <old rank> user add <player>



    There are only two permissions for this plugin, which are 'promote' and 'demote'. They allow access to the /promote and /demote commands respectively.​


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  1. FatalPvPHD
    Version: 1.1
    Won't work with GM and won't even work with PEX. If you fix this I will consider putting this on my server.
  2. Killuall99
    Version: 1.0
    Great simple plugin to promote people and have the server know who has been promoted and demoted!