ProPracticePHP 2.1

A system of stats in PHP for the plugin ProPractice (file14) with multiple information

  1. Remi_CELLARD

    If you are using a version of ProPractice greater than 6, please use this new resource ( Otherwise, use this resource. Thank you

    INFO : If you have a public minecraft server that uses ProPracticePHP, please contact me in private message(It's for add demo to this page :D ). Thank you ;)
    150 Downloads :eek: That's ~25% of people who have ProPractice. Thank you ! [​IMG]
    200 Downloads ! It's magic. Thanks !
    Thank you again for your loyalty by downloading this resource

    ProPracticePHP is an official system of stats in PHP for the plugin ProPractice with multiple information.
    You can display the best players of the server with your own parameters but also display the best players of certain categories.
    You can also view player personal statistics in all categories.
    A system with lots of information;)
    You can also link your Litebans web interface page (Link in the "Reference Link").
    ProPracticePHP is avariable in English and French (But you can also add your own language !) !

    ProPracticePHP Version : 2.1 BETA
    Date of last update : 13/09/2017 (dd/mm/yyyy)
    Name of the last update :
    "Social media update"
    Information about the latest update :
    Added feature to open ProPracticePHP on different social networks.
    More information here


    System requirements :
    > PHP 7.0 or more (PHP 7.1 is recommended).
    > MySQL Database.
    >(phpMyAdmin is not required but recommended if you want to manage your database).
    > ProPractice (Plugins).

    Installation procedure :
    1. Download the resource
    2. Go to the ProPracticePHP-x.x folder in the downloaded archive
    3. Select all the files present inside the folder and extract.
    4. Configure the settings.php (inc/settings.php) file with the requested parameters
    5. Transfer the files to your website.
    6. The system is on and ready for operation

    Term of Use (ToU) [ When you download the resource, you accept the following rules]:
    > You can change the design
    > You can not re-upload or upload this resource without notifying the author's name (me) and the creator name of the ProPractice plugin
    > You do not have the right to pass yourself off as the creator of the resource.
    > The copy of the resource is forbidden (whether it be the design or the php functions)[if you post that in public domain].
    > If you use this resource, you do not have the right to delete the following line in the footer "ProPracticePHP by R.C Company"

    If you need support or if you find a bug , please contact me (discord : here) ;)

    ProPractice Plugins :
    Liteban Plugins :
    Source Code :
    Documentation (For the update 2.0 and more) :
    xPaw - Minecraft_PHP_Query (For the update 1.3 and more) :
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Recent Reviews

  1. Kriiista
    Version: 2.1
    Brilliant site, the support is just the best the world can do. Great job. 9184672 STARS !

    1. Remi_CELLARD
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your comment / Merci pour ton commentaire :)
      If you want more help about this resource, you can contact me.
  2. V1rus_Falcon
    Version: 2.1
    cool site! but it work only with xampp on my pc.... i have got php 5.6.
    it say HTTP ERROR 500
    1. Remi_CELLARD
      Author's Response
      Hey V1rus_Falcon,

      If you have a problem with the resource, have you thought about contacting me for help? If the answer is no, you can contact me either here or on discord.
  3. File14
    Version: 1.35
    Well done! I like your work. This is perfect since I don't know PHP, and will be a great add-on for people who want web interface statics.
    1. Remi_CELLARD
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your comment <3
  4. grandsoft
    Version: 1.0
    Thank you I needed so much! =), The site of my server can finally evolve!
    I have the Elode all game modes
    1. Remi_CELLARD
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your comment