ProRecipes 2.1.1

An easy, comprehensive, and powerful recipe system. Re-released for free.

  1. Drepic
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:

    Supported Versions: 1.7-1.8 protocol hack,1.8 - 1.12

    Java 7+ required

    Latest Build

    An advanced, yet easy to use, system to create items, create recipes and manage recipes. Create infinite possibilities for your server, release your creativity.

    Test Servers:
    Huge amounts of custom items and recipes have been added to this server to create an amazing experience.
    A very unique take on a classic towny and mcmmo server using ProRecipes for its crafting needs.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    For any issues go here

    Before posting a new issue please review all resolved and unresolved issues to make sure there is no duplicate.


    ProRecipes was designed with simplicity in mind. There are absolutely no configuration files that need to be opened for this to run flawlessly. With ProRecipes you can create recipes that are ItemMeta specific(shaped, shapeless, furnace, and multi-craft) in game.

    • ItemMeta and NBTTag specific crafting. You're no longer limited by material, create endless combinations with different lores, display names, and NBTTags.
    • Tutorial prompts courtesy of TitleManager. If you choose not to download this, you will still be prompted with text.
    • Easy in game GUIs to help guide you through every step.
    • An Item Builder to modify the display name, and lore of items in game.
    • A Recipe Builder to create shaped, shapeless, furnace, and multi-craft recipes in game.
    • Multi-crafting: Use a 4x4 grid to craft with up to 4 results!
    • A Recipe Manager to manage, and delete recipes in game.
    • A Recipe Blacklist to disable any recipes you don't want your players to be able to craft. This supports custom data values.
    • A Custom Item Viewer so you don't need to recreate any item that was previously created.
    • Lookup recipes in game
    • A recipe backup system so you don't lose your precious recipes if anything goes wrong.
    • A Recipe pack system for fast and easy setup. Read more here
    • Permissions per recipe support
    • Customizable prompts translate into any language and customize messages to your liking.
    • Update checker get notified when you need an update!
    • Support for NBTTags and MythicMobs
    • Developer API in case you want to have some fun with it too.View Javadocs.
    • Instant integration of recipes, and full time support of myself!
    • /builditem or /bi - Open the Item Builder
    • /recipe or /rec - Open the Recipe Builder
    • /recipes or /recs - Open the Recipe Manager
    • /recipes lookup or /rec lookup - Lookup the recipe for whatever you're holding
    • /items or /it - Opens the Item Viewer
    • prorecipes.createitem - Use the Item Builder
    • prorecipes.createrecipe - Create a custom recipe
    • prorecipes.managerecipes - View the recipes
    • prorecipes.lookup - Look up recipes
    • prorecipes.modifyrecipes - Edit the recipes
    • prorecipes.viewitems - View custom items
    • prorecipes.takeitem - Collect items in item viewer
    • prorecipes.createtable - Create a multi-craft table
    • prorecipes.notifyupdate - Be notified on join if an update is available for ProRecipes
    [​IMG] How to use is currently being updated, in the meantime here is a how-to video!





    Code (Text):

    #Put 'false' if you're not using spigot
    spigot: true

    #This enables/disables any prompts that show
    showPrompts: true

    #This is the format that you should use when configuring the blacklist
    #get names for items here
    # Use '!' to define data values
    # Don't use any data values if you want to block material
    - emerald_block
    - gold_block!2
    - diamond_block!1
    - wood!0
    - wood!1

    Code (Text):

    Item_Viewer_Title: Item Viewer
    Item_Viewer_Prompt: Click a material to view its custom items
    Item_Builder_Title: Item Builder
    Item_Builder_Insert: Insert a desired itemstack to modify.
    Item_Builder_Edit: You may edit the itemstack.
    Item_Builder_Lore: Type desired lore to add in chat
    Item_Builder_Name: Type desired display name in chat
    Item_Builder_Done: Your item is in your inventory!
    Recipe_Builder_Title: Recipe Builder
    Recipe_Builder_MultiCraft_Title: Multi-Craft
    Recipe_Builder_MultiCraft_Add: Add ingredients on left, results on right
    Recipe_Builder_Empty: You cannot save an empty recipe
    Recipe_Builder_Insert: Insert the desired result
    Recipe_Builder_Add: Add your ingredients! Close to save recipe.
    Recipe_Builder_Furnace: Add your source! Close to save recipe.
    Recipe_Viewer_Title: Recipe Manager
    Recipe_Viewer_Title2: Recipe Viewer
    Recipe_Viewer_Prompt: View and manage recipes
    Recipe_Viewer_Prompt2: View recipes
    Recipe_Viewer_Edited: Recipe edited!
    Recipe_Viewer_Deleted: Recipe deleted!
    Furnace_Saved: Your furnace recipe has been saved!
    Shapeless_Saved: Your shapeless recipe has been saved!
    Shaped_Saved: Your shaped recipe has been saved!
    Multi-Craft_Saved: Your multi-craft recipe has been saved!
    Choose_Type: Choose the type of recipe
    Multi_Craft_GUI: Multi-Craft Table
    Mulit_Craft_Enter: Enter Recipe
    Multi_Craft_View: View Recipe
    Multi_Craft: Multi-Craft
    Choose_Permission: Type a permission. Type 'no' for no permission
    Permission_Set_Title: Permission Change
    Permission_Set: Permission has been set to
    Permission_No: There is now no permission
    no_permission_smelt: You do not have permission to smelt this item.


    Tutorial and Review by: KingofAstro

    Update video by: KingofAstro
    Known Caveats/Issues:
    1. Plugins that override the /recipe commands and plugins that cancel or modify on crafting.
    2. Stackable Items plugin with Shapeless recipes
    Awesome plugins to work with this for extra functionality:
    1. ecoDrops - a plugin to allow custom mobs drops
    2. MythicMobs - lets you create some pretty sick items
    Credit for banner and titles : NitroFox0

    Leaving Reviews:
    Reviews are a great way to give me feedback and inspriation to work harder for you. I love this community and a great review only gives me more drive to do more. Reviews really help out too! Before leaving a review please consider the following:
    1. Contact me with any issues via github
    2. Contact me with any requests via github

Recent Reviews

  1. Darkitect
    Version: 2.1.1
    Functions nearly as intended. Claims support for MythicMobs, but does not create the entire item. Armor/weapon attributes are wiped in crafting recipes after a server reboot. Mention of Multi-Crafting but no explanation of exactly what that is or how it works. Duplication bugs reported nearly 6 months ago. I am very unhappy that I spent money on a plugin that makes a lot of claims (including full time support, which is not evident in the Github issues), only for that plugin to become open-source and the developer seemingly AFK indefinitely. At least give it to someone who will maintain it and make sure it's working 100% as intended.
  2. pinkpig
    Version: 2.1.1
    This plugin is great, but there is a major dupe bug that was reported on July 3rd and still has not been fixed. Other than that, it's a great plugin.

    The plugin supports ALL other plugins with custom items! Finally, a solution to allow crafting custom items using other custom items! Use MythicMobs? MythicArtifacts? AdditionsAPI? HopeItems? It supports them all!

    Secondly, it is SUPER easy to use. When I first saw the plugin and just skimmed it, I assumed something like this would be incredibly hard to set up. Turns out, it's about the easiest plugin on here.

    Ever wanted to provide an easy way to show your players the custom recipes on your server? They can easily do so using /recipes. You just need to provide them with one permission and they'll be able to view all recipes (and not edit them). Saved me a TON of time making individual recipes using a GUI plugin.

    In short, it offers a ton of features and is super easy to use.
  3. manuel1905
    Version: 2.1.1
    es el mejor plug de recetas de todos los tiempos, ahora trabajare en 1.13, por favor actualiza a 1.13. grasias
  4. Shadowpauler
    Version: 2.1.1
    Hey man, amazing plugin. This should be the best custom crafting plugin out there. Using it, it makes everything so much easier for me to make my crafting recipes and allow people to look at them. 5/5 the best crafting plugin out there, even more better than premium.
  5. eot13
    Version: 2.0.2
    Just a bug, when I a pig dies while burning, it gives me one of the oven recipes.
  6. Lige
    Version: 2.0.2
    Amazing plugin. Wish that you could view the custom recipes in a GUI outside of the editor so normal players could see the recipes. (I'm aware of lookup, but that requires you to be holding the item)
  7. SneakyLike
    Version: 2.0.2
    Good plugin. But i have a bug. When i thying to delete recipe i got a error. no one version working. not 2.0 no 2.0.2
    Bug screenshot:
    1. Drepic
      Author's Response
      This is version 2.0.0, not the latest version. Do not report bugs in reviews. There are other channels for that.
  8. manuel1905
    Version: 2.0.2
    muchas grasias por actualizar , es el mejor plugin de recetas que existe
    lo estoy probando
  9. Stormofblood
    Version: 2.0
    Thank you Drepic for updating this wonderful plugin, it is very much appreciated!
  10. Shadowpauler
    Version: 2.0
    Amazing! Setaria's most loved plugin! The team is very thankful for your work, and the effort you have put into this free plugin!