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Create unlimited crafting recipes and crafting professions.

  1. This is not an update!

    I uploaded an update to one of my other plugins to this one by mistake, sorry! This is not an update! In order to delete the last update I have to upload something new.
  2. Small Update

    Fixed some issues with the pre-configured config files. Make sure you upload all included files to your plugins folder.
  3. Prorpgcrafting

    • Fix issue with "/craft reload" resetting players data
  4. Prorpgcrafting 1.0.2

    + Added support for vanilla items in recipes.
    + Fixed a bug that caused console errors when clicking on placeholders in the GUI menus.

    When you want to use vanilla items in recipes use, "vanilla_item_name" for the required items and the ingredients. You don't need to add vanilla items to promcutilities when using vanilla items in your recipes.
  5. Update for 1.16.5

    This adds support for 1.16.5.