Make custom items with lots of RPG style options.

  1. Prorpgitems

    • Fixed 100% chance from not showing up on items with the item generator
    • Added support for items made in the version of QuantumRPG before we took it over
    • Fixed the socket dupe issues
    • You need to update to Promccore for this build
  2. Prorpgitems

    • Fixed an issue with the socketing GUI that was causing gems to dupe
    • Fixed a couple issues with the give and drop commands for gems
  3. Prorpgskillapi Alpha

    • Fixed damage issues for vanilla and custom defense.
    • Removed placeholders for direct damage in the item generator (replaced with penetration)
  4. Prorpgitems 1.0.3

    You need to update to Promccore 1.0.3 here.
    • Issue #21: Fixed an issue when using vanilla generic damage that caused a +1 modifier
    • Issue #20: Fixed an error that happened when being attacked by mobs
    • Issue #19: Items from the...
  5. Prorpgitems Alpha 1.0.2

  6. Prorpgitems 1.0.1

    Make sure you update to the latest Promccore also for this update to work.

    + Renamed the "naming conventions" to allow promccore to load up next to nexengine by nightexpress
  7. Prorpgitems Alpha 1.0.1

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  8. Alpha-1.0 Update

    ProRPGItems Changelog
    • Dropped support for SkillsPro and RacesOfThana (skillspro support will be added in a future update)
    • Classes and skills in prorpgitems have been disabled (we're using proskillapi for classes and skills, join our discord for info)
    • Active items have been removed, we will be adding support for skills from ProSkillAPI to be used on items in prorpgitems in a future update
    • Converted NMS system to Reflection for version independence
    • QuantumRPG...
  9. Latest Update

    It has been a while since I last made an update about our progress. I wanted to let you all know that we are still working on making things better.

    If you missed the last update we have a dev build of prorpgitems. You can find out how to get it on our discord:

    For those of you that don't already know, we have also forked SkillAPI and are working on new features, and bug fixes.

    You can download skillapi, now called PROSKILLAPI here:...
  10. Dev Build Update

    We have released our first dev builds of ProRPGItems! You'll need the premium rank to access them, you can get it on our website. With our Premium rank you'll be able to get access to dev builds on our discord.

    If you don't want to get premium rank, then you just need to wait until we have our first stable build.

    You'll need to copy over your files from the old nexengine and quantumrpg to the new directories and remove the old jars from your server when you install the new dev builds.