Protect Your Chest 2.2

A plugin which protects your chest from other Players without putting signs on it!

  1. Colmix
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Protect your chests protects your chest (and double chests) from Players, mainly the plugin prevents griefing on your chests. This plugin doesn't need signs on the chests to be protected!
    Your chest is protected from interactions by other users, explosions (mob explosions), and hopper extraction.
    You can still add or remove people from your chests.

    When installing the plugin your chest will automatically be protected when placed.

    /pyc protect
    Will protect a target chest
    /pyc unprotect
    Will remove the protection of your chest (that you own)
    /pyc addFriend [friend]
    >> [friend] username of the mc player

    Will add a Friend to your targeted chest , you can have more than one Friend
    /pyc removeFriend [friend]
    Will remove one Friend from your targeted chest
    /pyc info
    Will print the Data of the target chest (Owner and Friends)
    /pyc addFriendAll [Friend]
    Will add one Friend to all your registered Chests (you don't need to target a chest)
    /pyc removeFriendAll [Friend]
    Will remove one Friend from all your registered Chests (you don't need to target a chest)
    /pyc list [options]
    A list with default options you can enable
    This list is individual for each user, where you can define if your next placed chest should be protected and who should have access to it.
    /pyc list addFriends [friend] or [friend,friend,friend]
    Add friends automatically to your friendslist when you place a chest
    /pyc list removeFriends [friend] or [friend,friend,friend]
    Remove friends automatically from your friendslist when you place a chest
    /pyc list reset
    Resets your List Configuration
    /pyc list mylist
    Shows your list with the default settings of your chest
    /pyc chestgui
    Opens the chest GUI with all you registered chests and your settings
    Admin commands:
    /pyc unclaim
    You can unclaim chests which belongs to someone
    /pyc countChests
    Counts the amount of registered Chests on the Server
    /pyc helpadmin
    Shows this help command

    Admin will have access to the chest, even if they are protected, and an Admin can remove/break a protected chest.
    If you place a hopper underneath a protected chest, the hopper will not be able to extract the items. If you want it to extract it you must unprotect the chest!
    Added a feature where if a player tries to break your chest he may get punished if you the player has set their punishment settings to true ;)

    This plugin has been tested on 1.16 version on a small server with around 6 people connected, 1200 chests have been placed and protected without causing any issues.

    Concerning Issues:
    If you encounter issues (Internal Server Error), please copy the error message from the console and send it to me (or start a discussion) so I can look into it. It would also be very helpful if you could describe what you did before the error message was displayed!
    If you encounter issues (Other than Internal Server Error), just write me a message/discussion and describe the exact scenario. Thank you!

    New Features:

    If you have any new ideas in mind or want to see the plugin evolve, you can give me some input by messaging me or starting a discussion.


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Recent Reviews

  1. M16
    Version: 2.1
    Really works effectively at delivering a simple chest protection system. The auto-protection is a lifesaver as well. Could you add an option where you can protect barrels, shulker boxes, and other storage containers as well?
    1. Colmix
      Author's Response
      Hello, thank you for your reply. That's something that could be implemented in future versions :)
  2. BryanG_
    Version: 2.1
    Great plugin. Admin command means for Ops only right? Thanks.
    Permissions would be very helpful too :)
    1. Colmix
      Author's Response
      Thank you, I will look into it ;)
  3. JoakoVann
    Version: 2.1
    nice plugin, quick question, where can i get the pemissions list? cause i want to set limitated permission to a rank
    1. Colmix
      Author's Response
      Hello, currently no permission list is available. The plugin is focused on protecting the chest for every player on the server. Maybe I will implement some permissions in the fupcoming versions.
  4. YahirGarcia
    Version: 1.1
    Buen complemento amigo. Gracias por hacer esto! puedes trabajar en hacer piedras protectoras!?
    1. Colmix
      Author's Response
      Hello , sorry I do not write Spanish xD Translation gives me this : Nice addition my friend. Thanks for doing this! can you work on making protective stones I don't know what the stones mean xD
  5. Doerthe
    Version: 1.1
    Works fine.
    Simply structured, simple commands.
    Easy to use.
    Look forward to new features.
    5 Stars.
    1. Colmix
      Author's Response
      Thank you :)
  6. Lippi
    Version: 1.1
    Works great, I installed the plugin on our online server. Easy install, easy use.
    1. Colmix
      Author's Response
      Thank you, glad to hear that it's working and easy to use :)