ProtectionsBridge 1.2.0

With this Protections Addon you can send Notifications to all Servers of your BungeeCord Network.

  1. Raytex
    This Plugin requires Protections on one or more Server of your Network were you want to have the Notifications. This Plugin is a BungeeCord Plugin! Currently not all Notifications from Protections are supported.
    • BungeeCord Bridge for Protections (Notifications)
    • Code (Text):
        #En or Disable Network wide Notifications
        MessageCooldown: true
        CommandCooldown: true
        SimilarMessage: true
        Advertising: true
        SignAdvertising: true
        Caps: true
        OnlyConsoleCommands: true
        Curse: true
        SignCurse: true

Recent Updates

  1. Updated for newer Protections.