ProtectionStones [Updated for 1.13 - 1.16 + WG7] 2.7.6

The easiest grief prevention method that players will enjoy!

  1. 2.7.6 - Minor fixes

    This is a minor bug fix update for the v2.7.x branch. This will likely be the last update before work begins on v2.8.0.

    • Fix PS aliases with non ascii characters from causing errors with crafting recipe registration
    • Fix /ps unhide for versions before 1.16 with custom base64 heads
    • Minor code refactoring to make head protection blocks perform faster
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  2. 2.7.5 - Various fixes


    This is another bug fix update, that addresses various issues including supporting the new UUID format for NBT in 1.16.

    • Fix /ps flag gui not carrying groups values correctly
    • Fix /ps flag chat GUI colours
    • Fix 1.16.1 base64 heads causing server freezes and not showing textures (converted to new 4 int UUIDs)
    • Fix wrong name for SkullOwner nbt tag in /ps unhide for base64 heads
    • Give defaults for config.toml rather than erroring out if the field does...
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  3. 2.7.4 - Critical fixes, minor feature additions


    This update contains a few critical fixes, as well as some minor feature additions.

    • Fixed invalid yml in messages.yml from resetting the file
    • Fixed shift right click block to remove behaviour from being used on other blocks of the same type
    • Other minor fixes and checks
    • Added prevent_ps_home config option, to prevent certain region types from showing up in /ps home
    • Added event variables block_x, block_y, block_z for...
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  4. 2.7.3 - More fixes and minor additions


    This is another patch update, with some minor additions as well.

    New Features:
    • allow_placing_in_wild block config option (useful for region types meant for plots)
    • currentplayer_total_tax_owed placeholder
    • Added /ps admin changeregiontype for quick block type changes (useful for debugging and migrating regions)
    • Reduce the amount of tax messages, if nothing is being paid
    • Fixed cost-on_place placing the block when the event is...
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  5. 2.7.2 - Added PS descriptions, other minor additions and more fixes!

    Please read this, as there is a highly recommended manual config change.

    There was a longstanding bug with /ps get where the description shown would be (xradius x yradius), which is wrong, because the actual dimensions of the region are xradius*2+1 by yradius*2+1. I've decided to take this as an opportunity to add descriptions for protection blocks.

    I will be keeping the incorrect radiusx and radiusy to avoid confusing server owners, but I highly recommend doing what I say...
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  6. 2.7.1 - Quick fix for cache issue

    This is a quick fix for some servers that may have some player data stored with only a UUID and not a name.
  7. 2.7.0 - Placeholders, taxes and more!

    It has been a while since the last major release!

    New Features and Changes
    • Placeholders for PlaceholderAPI! View them here:
    • Taxes for regions! Enable them and configure them in the config.
    • Player names are now case insensitive for commands like /ps add and /ps remove
    • For rented regions, tenants are now members by default, and landlords remain as owners of...
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  8. 2.6.10 - Use other protection stones as crafting ingredients, and important fixes

    Hey everyone,

    This will likely be the last 2.6.x patch release. I've tried to focus a lot on the stability of the plugin for a while, but I feel I am at the point where I feel comfortable adding more ambitious features again (2.7.0!).

    New Features:
    • Use other protection blocks as crafting ingredients for a protection block! This can be done by using PROTECTION_STONES:alias in the recipe section of the block config
    • Fixed rents not working with...
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  9. 2.6.9 - Bug fixes

    This is another round of bug fixes.

    • Fixed cross-world name behaviour, now regions named with /ps name can be seen with /ps home no matter which world you are in
    • Fixed client disconnection with changing greeting and farewell messages, since their default value contains ยง and MC doesn't like that
    • Fixed overlapping issue with owners overlapping themselves
    • Fixed overlapping region check with manually created WorldGuard regions
    • Fixed errors from worlds...
  10. 2.6.8 - Critical fix for overlapping plain WG regions, and added -a for /ps add, remove, etc.

    • Critical fix for plugin not preventing block place from overlapping plain WG regions (was introduced in 2.6.6)
    • New -a option for /ps add, /ps remove, /ps addowner and /ps removeowner! -a does the operation on all of the regions the player owns.
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