ProtectionStones [Updated for 1.13 - 1.17 + WG7] 2.8.4

The easiest grief prevention method that players will enjoy!

  1. 2.8.1 - Fixes, new placeholders, improvements to cleanup, and more helpful checks


    Please read the changes regarding /ps admin cleanup.

    This update fixes several issues with 2.8.0 and introduces some new features and helpful checks listed below.

    • /ps admin cleanup was reworked to not remove inactive owners from regions if the region is not being deleted
    • cleanup_delete_regions_with_members_but_no_owners was added to config.toml, allowing you to have regions not be deleted if there are active members, but no active owners (disabled by default)
    • Added the following placeholders:
      Code (Text):
    • Added a different message for when the player is unable to place a protection block due to a block specific permission, rather than protectionstones.create
    • Players are now prevented from removing themselves as the owner of a region if no other owners are left
    • Added clarification that allow_use_in_crafting has to be enabled in order to use protection blocks as crafting ingredients
    • Fixed console error messages with /ps home due to changed world cache
    • Fix flag placeholders not applying when reset to default
    • Added support for %player% flag in /ps admin flag
    As always, please report bugs if you see them!
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