ProtectionStones [Updated for 1.13 - 1.17 + WG7] 2.8.5

The easiest grief prevention method that players will enjoy!

  1. 2.8.4 - Minor fixes and improvements

    1.17 news: From my testing so far, the plugin seems to work fine without changes on 1.17, enjoy! Once 1.17 is mature and most servers have switched, I will likely drop support for < 1.17 versions so that I can support newer features like hexadecimal colours.

    • Revamped /ps info entries in messages.yml for more customization, please change to the -2 suffix strings!
    • Removed unnecessary player queries with head checks, greatly improving overall plugin performance
    • Removed BlockPhysicsEvent event handling (laggy, and there are other events to prevent certain physics behaviour that is less laggy)
    • Add support for location yaw and pitch in /ps home/sethome
    • Added explicit message for /ps list with no regions
    • /ps admin stats now only counts PS regions
    • Added /ps admin debug
    • Fixed /ps addowner limit check with merged regions
    • Fixed /ps tp [name] [number] giving the wrong error message
    • Fixed allow_addowner_for_offline_players_without_lp config option upgrade
    • Prevent v1->v2 world upgrade from changing existing regions
    • Allowed the plugin to be compiled with Java 16 (Java 8 compiled version will work fine on Java 16 however)
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