ProtectionStones [Updated for 1.13 - 1.17 + WG7] 2.8.5

The easiest grief prevention method that players will enjoy!

  1. 2.8.5 - Critical fix and minor feature additions

    This version fixes a critical issue in v2.8.4 that caused removing a single block in a merged region to either not work, or remove all of the protection blocks of that merged region.

    Other Changes:
    • Added /ps on|off (you will need to update messages.yml in order to get the new help message for /ps toggle|on|off)
    • Only add id or name, not both to /ps home tab autocomplete
  2. 2.8.4 - Minor fixes and improvements

    1.17 news: From my testing so far, the plugin seems to work fine without changes on 1.17, enjoy! Once 1.17 is mature and most servers have switched, I will likely drop support for < 1.17 versions so that I can support newer features like hexadecimal colours.

    • Revamped /ps info entries in messages.yml for more customization, please change to the -2 suffix strings!
    • Removed unnecessary player queries with head checks, greatly improving overall plugin...
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  3. 2.8.3 - Quick debug message spam fix

    This is a quick update to fix an accidental debug message left in v2.8.0 that spams the console with tax processing messages if you have a large amount of regions and have taxes enabled.
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  4. 2.8.2 - Fixes


    This update contains some fixes.

    • Fixed the v2.8.1 config.toml upgrade not working (your configs will be upgraded with this release automatically)
    • Tweaked farewell actions to not show, if the greeting action is being shown (entering another region)
    • Fix added v2.8.1 region placeholders from including cross-world regions if they were named
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  5. 2.8.1 - Fixes, new placeholders, improvements to cleanup, and more helpful checks


    Please read the changes regarding /ps admin cleanup.

    This update fixes several issues with 2.8.0 and introduces some new features and helpful checks listed below.

    • /ps admin cleanup was reworked to not remove inactive owners from regions if the region is not being deleted
    • cleanup_delete_regions_with_members_but_no_owners was added to config.toml, allowing you to have regions not be deleted if there are active members, but no active owners...
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  6. 2.8.0 - Many bug fixes and various feature additions

    Hey everyone,

    This update batches together bug fixes and feature additions from the past few months. It is recommended to read through, as some default behaviour has changed.

    #1 - Important fix for limits

    /ps addowner used to be able to bypass protection limits (protectionstones.limits.x), and was now fixed with this update. However, this required adding a soft-dependency on LuckPerms in order to lookup limits of offline players as the Vault and Spigot API are unable to see offline...
  7. 2.7.7 - Feature fixes

    I lied, there is another bug patch release! I've been quite busy with school, so I am prioritizing maintaining stability and bug fixes over new features for now.

    • Fix blocks getting placed anyway when other plugins attempt to block a protection block from being placed
    • Remove restrictions on block offset for negative values
    • Fix base64 heads from breaking with crafting recipes
    • Adjust no moving when waiting for teleport threshold to be slightly more lenient...
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  8. 2.7.6 - Minor fixes

    This is a minor bug fix update for the v2.7.x branch. This will likely be the last update before work begins on v2.8.0.

    • Fix PS aliases with non ascii characters from causing errors with crafting recipe registration
    • Fix /ps unhide for versions before 1.16 with custom base64 heads
    • Minor code refactoring to make head protection blocks perform faster
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  9. 2.7.5 - Various fixes


    This is another bug fix update, that addresses various issues including supporting the new UUID format for NBT in 1.16.

    • Fix /ps flag gui not carrying groups values correctly
    • Fix /ps flag chat GUI colours
    • Fix 1.16.1 base64 heads causing server freezes and not showing textures (converted to new 4 int UUIDs)
    • Fix wrong name for SkullOwner nbt tag in /ps unhide for base64 heads
    • Give defaults for config.toml rather than erroring out if the field does...
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  10. 2.7.4 - Critical fixes, minor feature additions


    This update contains a few critical fixes, as well as some minor feature additions.

    • Fixed invalid yml in messages.yml from resetting the file
    • Fixed shift right click block to remove behaviour from being used on other blocks of the same type
    • Other minor fixes and checks
    • Added prevent_ps_home config option, to prevent certain region types from showing up in /ps home
    • Added event variables block_x, block_y, block_z for...
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