ProtectionStones (Updated for 1.13.2, 1.14, 1.15 + WG7) 2.6.9

The easiest grief prevention method that players will enjoy!

  1. 2.6.9 - Bug fixes

    This is another round of bug fixes.

    • Fixed cross-world name behaviour, now regions named with /ps name can be seen with /ps home no matter which world you are in
    • Fixed client disconnection with changing greeting and farewell messages, since their default value contains ยง and MC doesn't like that
    • Fixed overlapping issue with owners overlapping themselves
    • Fixed overlapping region check with manually created WorldGuard regions
    • Fixed errors from worlds...
  2. 2.6.8 - Critical fix for overlapping plain WG regions, and added -a for /ps add, remove, etc.

    • Critical fix for plugin not preventing block place from overlapping plain WG regions (was introduced in 2.6.6)
    • New -a option for /ps add, /ps remove, /ps addowner and /ps removeowner! -a does the operation on all of the regions the player owns.
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  3. 2.6.7 - More bug fixes, added flag group whitelist in allowed_flags


    Another release already? Some more issues were reported and so I decided to speed up the release for the fixes for these bugs.

    • Whitelist groups for allowed_flags! You can now whitelist which groups are allowed when changing the flag with /ps flag -g [group] [flag] [value], by now being able to do use "-g [group1],[group2]... [flag]" in allowed_flags! The documentation is in the default config, and does not automatically update the comment.
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  4. 2.6.6 - Critical bug fixes, added customization of overlap behaviour


    There have been a lot of bug reports and feature requests lately, and this deals with a bunch of them.

    It is highly recommended to upgrade to this version, since some critical bug fixes were added.

    • Added "allow_other_regions_to_overlap", which allows you to set what types of players can overlap a region. Useful for making town plots with subregions.
    • Added merged region count to /ps count
    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed merged regions...
  5. 2.6.5 - New batch of bug fixes and improvements!

    Hey everyone,

    I've recently had a lot of issues reported to me, and I did not have the chance to fix them until now. Thank you for the bug reports! Please continue to report them on the discussion page, and on GitHub.

    • Added protectionstones.flags.edit.[flag], allowing you to deny flags for certain players, even if it is on the "allowed_flags" list. In order to deny it, set the permission to false (ex. protectionstones.flags.edit.tnt false)
  6. 2.6.4 - More fixes, and small feature improvements


    This is another fix and improvement update:
    • Added -e (empty flag) support for flags in config, allowing for disabling block break warning messages
    • Added rent limits to config.toml, allowing to set limits for the amount of time and the amount of money renting costs
    • Fixed protectionstones.adjacent.-1 from not working
    • Fixed /ps buy not checking the amount of money a player has
    • Fixed /ps buy having no message when a limit is reached
    • Better handling of regions not...
  7. 2.6.3 - More bug fixes, and added!


    New Features:
    • Added permission, limiting the number of rented regions a player can have
    • Fixed heads using player names giving the wrong item
    • Fixed limits not applying to regions obtained with /ps buy
    I've been pretty busy with school, so I've only been able to focus on bug fixes. As always, please report bugs to the issue tracker, or the discussion page!
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  8. 2.6.2 - Bug fixes

    This update contains a new round of bug fixes.

    • Fixed heads as protection stones from being water logged
    • Fixed tenants being able to steal the landlord's region
    • Fixed merged regions using parent regions rather than root regions
    • Added options for /ps admin forcemerge (to make its requirements less strict)
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  9. 2.6.1 - Bug fixes

    Hey, this is a quick bug fix release.

    • Prevented water from washing away protection blocks
    • Prevented players from using /ps rent on their own regions
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  10. 2.6.0 - Fixed heads, custom heads, new config options, and experimental renting/buying of regions!

    Hey, it's been a while since the previous update!

    New Features:

    Player Heads now support custom heads!

    I'm aware that there were many issues with the way player heads as protection stones was implemented, so I have rewritten the code to work. I've also added support for custom heads from sites such as In order to add them, get their base64 value and put it after PLAYER_HEAD: as the block name.

    Experimental Economy Features!
    • ...
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