ProtectionStones (Updated for 1.13.2, 1.14 + WG7) 2.6.3

The easiest grief prevention method that players will enjoy!

  1. EspiDev
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    AxelDios (Original), Vik1395 (2015-2016), Dragoboss (2016-2017), Jerzean (2018)
    Ever needed an easy, yet powerful way to prevent grief, and protect a certain area?

    This plugin allows players to protect land using a block that they place down. It creates a WorldGuard region at a set radius (configurable) around where the block is placed. The plugin also allows players to add and remove people to the region, as well as set flags (defined in the config).

    • WorldGuard 7+
    • WorldEdit 7+
    • Vault (Optional)
    • Spigot 1.13.2+


    To install ProtectionStones, make sure you have the requirements above already installed. You can simply just add the plugin to the plugins folder, and it will generate the default configuration.

    Adding new blocks:
    To add new protection blocks, go into plugins/ProtectionStones/blocks, and copy and paste the default block1.toml file and rename it (ex. block2.toml). Then, you have to change the "type" and "alias" fields in the new block config, since there cannot be duplicates.

    Configuring flags:
    Flags allow for customisation of region behaviour. ProtectionStones uses WorldGuard flags, meaning that WorldGuard is actually doing the protecting, not ProtectionStones. You can view the list of WorldGuard flags here:

    It is also possible to use other plugins that add flags to WorldGuard, such as WorldGuard Extra Flags and use them in ProtectionStones.

    The permission list is on the wiki: By default, no permissions are given to players, so you have to add them explicitly. You can also view the recommended permissions to give for commands here.

    Other Recommendations:
    WorldGuard by default prevents hoppers from going between regions. I recommend setting "ignore-hopper-item-move-events" in WorldGuard's config to false to fix this.

    If you want to protect against water and lava flow, you can set "high-frequency-flags" and "protect-against-liquid-flow" to true in WorldGuard's config.

    WorldGuard config:

    Default Config Files:




    When I add a new block config, an error occurs!
    Read the error. Most likely you made a configuration mistake, you can read the TOML spec here:, or ask me. Another known issue is that configs made in Notepad (Windows) cause issues with the plugin. Please use a better text editor (ex. Notepad++) for the time being, while I investigate ways to mitigate this.

    When I get the protection block from the creative inventory, it doesn't work (nothing happens when I place it)!
    Since v2.0.0, the config options "restrict-obtaining" is enabled by default. This restricts obtaining the protectionstones to just /ps get and /ps give (and plugins that use the API), since they attach NBT data to the block. That means that when the block is obtained through natural means, it won't work as a protection block. You can set "restrict-obtaining to false to negate this behaviour.

    How can I sell protection blocks in a shop?
    There are many ways to sell protection blocks, with the easiest being setting a price on /ps get (requires Vault, configured in the block config). You can also use external plugins to sell the protection block, either through running a command (/ps give) or giving an item that was obtained through /ps get or /ps give. Known plugins to work are: ShopChest, ChestCommands.

    Why don't players see the region merge menu?
    Be sure to give players the protectionstones.merge permission.

    Why do some flags apply to members of the region as well? (ex. block-break deny)
    By default flags apply to everyone, including members of the region. You have to use region groups (using -g) to change this (ex. set the group to apply to only nonmembers). You can read about this here:

    How do I change the block type of a region after players have already created regions with it?

    You can use the command /ps admin changeblock [world] [fromblock] [toblock] to do this. Create a new config (block.toml file) in the blocks folder with the changed block type, while keeping the old one still loaded. Do /ps reload, and run the command to do the conversion. After it completes, you can remove the block config with the old type.

    Why does [x] flag not work?

    Flags are handled by WorldGuard, and some of their behaviours may not be what you expect. You can read more about WorldGuard flags here:

    I found a bug! How do I get it fixed?
    Please file this issue on either GitHub, or post it on the discussion page.

    I want a new feature!
    Please file this issue on either GitHub, or post it on the discussion page. The feature may not be aligned with the goals of the plugin, so it might also be worth making another plugin that uses the developer API instead.

    Is there a developer API?
    Yes there is! It still is in a beta stage though right now, so methods are bound to change. You can see the WIP wiki page here:


    Appreciate my work?
    Donations are appreciated! :)

    This plugin is based off of the original ProtectionStones.

    Migrating from older versions of ProtectionStones (<2.x.x)

    The transition from older versions should be seamless, so just drag the plugin in to the plugins folder and enjoy! The plugin will automatically update your configs and regions.

    You can find the original plugin here:

Recent Reviews

  1. jacked1900
    Version: 2.6.3
    Great plugin. can i create two types of secure blocks. one with dimensions 50x50 and the other 10x10?
    1. EspiDev
      Author's Response
      yes, in the config, please ask for help on the discussion page
  2. kejlon
    Version: 2.6.3
    How i can set maximum number of plots ? Very good plugin. simple and good. players on my server like this
    1. EspiDev
      Author's Response
      You mean a limit per player? protectionstones.limit.x

      If you need help please ask on the discussion page.
  3. joaquinhfgj
    Version: 2.6.3
    Hey its a good plugin, but i need kinda help, when i put a sign and put the command to buy a 16x16 protection stone it says i dont have permissions to "give command" (this is when i quit my OP), and when i put the permission to that command for my users they can just do /ps get 64 and get free protection stones, how can i make that they can buy 1 protection stone clicking in the sign and not doing the command?
    1. EspiDev
      Author's Response
      Hey, for whatever sign plugin you are using, run /ps give from the console. If you need help, please discuss on the discussion page.
  4. BuGKiri
    Version: 2.6.2
    Its a good plugin, but i have kinda an issue where it says i dont have the permission to change the flags in an owned region, even with my op acc which has the Permission * in it ^^ i hope there is a way to fix it ? even when i run Luck Perms verbose there is nothing which is stopping the action.
    1. EspiDev
      Author's Response
      You need to add the flags to the "allowed-flags" section. If you have other issues, please go on the discussion page.
  5. Itznewer
    Version: 2.6.2
    This plugin works fine! Thanks you for create it and update to 1.13.2!
    1. EspiDev
  6. __Vekster007__
    Version: 2.6.2
    Nice plugin, thanks!
    A few months ago it was impossible to find, now the opposite.
    [I don't know much English, I used a translator.]
    1. EspiDev
  7. aguadelamiseria
    Version: 2.6.2
    Great plugin, I use it on my survival server and works flawlessly. One thing I would add is for ps flags to be edited permission based so for example a MVP with the permission ps.flag.own.greeting lets say could change the greeting of this region.
    1. EspiDev
      Author's Response
      good idea, keep track of it on the discussion page
  8. MyNatthapoom
    Version: 2.6.2
    nice plugin. you can added pvp-action? same greeting action but when you pvp in protect zone will show you can't pvp in here on action bar. can edit custom message! thank you
    1. EspiDev
      Author's Response
      The message is handled by WorldGuard, not ProtectionStones so you have to edit it in WorldGuard's locale
  9. CDGamesYT
    Version: 2.6.0
    1. EspiDev
  10. PlebexerMC
    Version: 2.4.2
    This is the best protection plugin, easy to understand and config, also its free! and the dev its active and updating the plugin adding new features.
    1. EspiDev