ProtocolLib 4.7.0

Provides read/write access to the Minecraft protocol

  1. ProtocolLib v4.5.1

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    • 1.15.2 support
    • Support for CatServer/Magma
    Bug Fixes
    • Fix error with legacy block data (#809)
    • Fix an incompatibility with CraftBukkit
    • Fix direction and dimension enums in 1.15.2
    • Use the new Spigot updater
    • More useful metrics
    • Only fetch AttributeModifier$Operation if viable (#773)
    • Be more specific in which sendPacket method we choose (PaperMC/Paper#3282)
    • Cache PacketType#hashCode (#818)
    • Improve WrappedDataWatcher hasIndex performance (#850)
    This release has no known bugs. Report any you find on GitHub
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