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ProtocolLib 4.6.0

Provides read/write access to the Minecraft protocol

  1. ProtocolLib v4.6.0

    Huge thank you to my GitHub sponsors @PaulBGD and @Yive.
    Sponsorships and donations are greatly appreciated and help keep me motivated.

    • Support for 1.16.x
    • Support for Java 15 (#1025)
    • Serialization to/from byte arrays...
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  2. ProtocolLib v4.5.1

    If ProtocolLib has made your life easier, please consider donating. It really means a lot!

    • 1.15.2 support
    • Support for CatServer/Magma
    Bug Fixes
    • Fix error with legacy block data (#809)
    • Fix an incompatibility with CraftBukkit
    • Fix direction and dimension enums in 1.15.2
    • Use the new...
  3. ProtocolLib v4.5.0

    Merry Christmas, everyone! My gift to y'all is a new release:

    • MC 1.14.x and 1.15.x support
    • VillagerData wrapper, long array NBT type, new packets

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed entity tracking issues with Citizens and Holographic Displays
    • Fixed block data deep clone
    • Fixed error filtering reports
    • Fixed linkage error on enable
    • Fixed statistic wrapper error

    • Improved legacy packet name compatibility...
  4. ProtocolLib v4.4.0

    • API method to check for temporary players
    • 1.12.x and 1.13.x support
    • Ability to clone NBT tags, as well as new 1.13.x classes
    • Support for Java optionals and 1.13.x particles

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue with the component array converter
    • Fixed an issue reloading (still not recommended)
    • Fixed an issue with 1.8.0 support
    • Fixed an issue with the Bukkit updater, treat Paper as "Spigot"
    • Fixed an issue where the byte buffer in a...
  5. ProtocolLib v4.3.0

    • Added support for 1.12
    • Added new ChatType enum
    • Updated to Java 8
    • Restored getProtocolVersion functionality
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed issues with packet type deprecation
    • Fixed a typo that broke 1.8.0 compatibility
    • Fixed an issue with another fork
    If you like ProtocolLib, please leave a positive review or consider donating!
  6. ProtocolLib v4.2.1

    • Added debugging mechanism to print out all packet contents (/packetlog)
    • Added missing fallingdust particle
    • Made Sound conversion more robust
    Bug Fixes
    • Removed unnecessary updater spam
    • Fixed component parsing in 1.8
    If you like ProtocolLib, please leave a positive review or consider donating!
  7. ProtocolLib v4.2.0

    • Added modifier for ItemStack lists
    • Added mechanism to clone NonNullLists
    • Updated for 1.11-1.11.2
    • Avoid looking up classes multiple times to improve performance
    • Avoid errors with invalid entities
  8. ProtocolLib v4.1.0

    I realize versioning got a little ...complicated... since I decided to drop legacy support. So, with the release of 4.1.0, the main branch of ProtocolLib will support 1.8 and up. The legacy branch, 3.7.0, will support 1.7.10 and below. I encourage all developers who added ProtocolLib version checks to adjust these checks accordingly or remove them altogether. Now, on to the meat of the update.

    • ...
  9. ProtocolLib v4.0.2

    This update contains a few bug fixes before work begins on 4.1.

    API Improvements:
    • Added block data to the cloning mechanism
    • Reworked the component array modifier to work with 1.9.4 and up
    • Automatically wrap and unwrap values in Optionals
    General Improvements:
    • Updated to 1.10 and 1.10.2
    Bugs, etc:
    • Fixed another entity tracking issue with Paper
    • Improved error messages for entity tracking
    • Improved error message when the login packet...
  10. ProtocolLib v4.0.1

    This is a collection of bug fixes from the 4.0.0 release.

    • Auto download is now disabled by default
    • Build numbers are no longer taken into account
    • A warning is now printed if the updater section is missing
    • Fixed the registry being refreshed more often than necessary