ProtocolSupport 1.16.5-1

Adds 1.16-1.4.7 clients support to your spigot 1.16.2 server

  1. 1.16.5 update

    Updated to 1.16.5

    Fixed following bugs:
    Weather inverted on < 1.7
    Scoreboard prefix team color injection inserts 2 resets instead of 1 on < 1.13.
    Item cooldown not displaying on non latest version.
    Unable to modify books in non 0 hotbar slot on 1.13-1.16.3.
    Chat hover action show entity not working on non latest version.

    Implemented following changes:
    Normalization of chunk data bits per block value. Bits per block values less that 4 is not treated as 4, values above 8 are treated as global palette bits per block (just like vanilla client does it).
    Spawn named packets with entities not added to player list are now dropped, and warning is issued (if debug is enabled). This prevents such invalid packets from causing error spam on newer clients and spawning UNKNOWN entities on older clients.

    New features:
    File log (disabled by default) - contains error happened in network. Controlled by protocolsupport.filelog system property, property value is a directory path where logs will be created.
    Better user friendly version names - now they show a version range instead of a single version from that range.
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