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ProtocolSupport 1.16.5-1

Adds 1.16-1.4.7 clients support to your spigot 1.16.2 server

  1. 1.16.5 update

    Updated to 1.16.5

    Fixed following bugs:
    Weather inverted on < 1.7
    Scoreboard prefix team color injection inserts 2 resets instead of 1 on < 1.13.
    Item cooldown not displaying on non latest version.
    Unable to modify books in non 0 hotbar slot on 1.13-1.16.3.
    Chat hover action show entity not working on non latest version.

    Implemented following changes:
    Normalization of chunk data bits per block value. Bits per block values less that 4 is not treated as 4, values above 8 are treated as...
  2. 1.16.4

    Updated to 1.16.4 server

    Fixed following bugs:
    - Map colors added in 1.16 don't render or cause client crash
    - Invalid offset of some entities (boats, minecarts on <= 1.8)
    - Fix bed item mapping for < 1.12
    - Fix chunk data encoding (global palette using wrong bits per block size, second light update before sending chunk data sends invalid biomes).
    - Fix missing lava damage sound
    - Fix thrown potion texture for <= 1.8 clients

    Implemented multiple entity passengers for < 1.9 (For clients...
  3. Update to 1.16.3 server

    Updated to 1.16.3 server
  4. Bug fixes and improvements

    Bug fixes:
    - unable to join Paper servers with < 1.8
    - enchantments don't show for < 1.9
    - slow falling effect emulation now enables only when player is in air
    - ProtocolSupportAPI#getConnection(Player) will now attempt to unwrap Connection from player first, so it will attempt to return Connection object even if player isn't connected anymore
  5. Bug fixes

    Fixed bugs:
    - Some inventories not working correctly (cartography, stonecutter)
    - Chunks not loading if client dimension skylight differs from server dimension skylight value for < 1.15
    - Chat json messages not working when using legacy item/entity hover
    - prevent-proxy-connections option not working
  6. 1.16.2 server

    Updated to 1.16.2 server version
  7. 1.12.2

    Update to 1.12.2 official release
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  8. Update to 1.12.1

    Update to 1.12.1
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  9. Update to 1.12

    Updated to 1.12.
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  10. 1.11

    Updated to 1.11
    Fixed some bugs
    Added GlowStone support
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