ProtocolSupportStuff 2.1.0

A plugin that does... stuff, I guess. Disable MC versions, remap items, pre-1.9 PvP and much more!

  1. Minecraft 1.13 & New Features

    ProtocolSupportStuff 1.13 update!

    This update will only work with 1.13! Don't update if you aren't using 1.13 yet!

    This update will wipe your entire configuration file! Make a backup before updating!

    This update has a lot of new and cool features!
    • Requires the latest ProtocolSupport development build and the latest ProtocolLib development build!
    • ProtocolSupportStuff now has a prettier configuration file!
    • Added a feature to strip color codes from long texts in sign for pre-1.8 clients, so text won't be cut off in legacy clients!
    • Fixed pre-1.9 sword blocking reliability, now it should work correctly instead of "only sometimes".
    • Items will use the player locale when "translated" on the lore and on the item name (instead of having a "beautified enum" name)
    • You can remap blocks via materials or, if you want to remap only an specific state, you can use the block state!
    And I guess that's it, have fun! ;)

    The current ProtocolLib has an issue with deep cloning packets, so sword blocking animations may not work correctly!
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