ProximityChat v1.0.0

Chat Distance and Channel manager for your server !

  1. Dzious
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Proximity Chat - by Dzious

    To see all supported version, go and check out on


    Installation :
    - Download and install PlaceholderAPI
    - Download the jar file form our Latest Release or the version corresponding to your Minecraft Version
    - Safely shutdown your server
    - Put the jar file in your server plugins folder
    - Start the server
    - The plugin is now install on your server

    Configuration :
    - Simply edit the config.yml found in plugins/ProximityChat in your server files


    Commands :
    - /proximitychat <help|reload>
    - help : Prints the help message
    - reload : Reload the plugin
    - /chat <join> <Channel>
    - join : Join the channel given as argument
    - /<channel> [message]
    - empty : switch to the channel
    - message : sends a message in the channel

    Permissions :
    - proximitychat.admin
    - allow use of /proximitychat commands
    - allow player to talk in all channels
    - allow player to talk in selected <channel>


    On Github's Issue Tracker you can file bug reports or feature requests.

    If you still need help or just have a question, join us on the Discord server, where you can have support from both developer and community and also discuss about the development of the plugin.

    Placeholders API

    Proximity Chat support placeholders in the prefix configuration.

    You can find the list of placeholder added by Proximity Chat on Github