ProxyMessager 1.0

Easy to use plugin to let players message eachother from different servers connected to a proxy.

  1. iHolden
    (I onestly didn't wanna use the tags as they'll be stolen).
    Hello! This is my first public plugin that directly interacts with the proxy. It depends on BungeeCord (Obviously). It basically adds features for players to message eachother from one server or another connected to a single (not tested with multiple) proxy.

    Commands are simple, here's a list.
    /msg (user) (message) - Self-Explanatory, message a user.
    /w (user) (message) - Alternative of the /whisper command in vanilla mc.
    /r (message) - Reply to the user who last messaged you.
    You can also message user's from the proxy itself.

    None. Didn't see fit to add them since this should be something everyone can use.

    None found during tested! Tested with a single proxy, not multiple (if you have a actual big network).

    For all of those who have hateful comments, and hateful reviews & bad ratings, please keep to yourself as I am a developer in learning & trying to learn just as everyone else on this site, if you would like to leave a good review, thank you. If not, please keep to yourself and thanks for reading. Want more cool stuff? Click here to view my plugins, click here to see the github repository of this plugin.

    (my network)