ProxyTablist 2.0

Customize your Tablist on GLOBAL-mode!

  1. Scrayos
    Scrayos, geNAZt



    • Offers you an unique way of modifying your tablist on 'GLOBAL' or 'GLOBAL_PING'-mode of BungeeCord.
    • Let's you define your own Variables for your Tablist.
    • Is an easy way to transmit informations to your players.
    • Represents a good technique to sort/order your players.
    • Was designed to highlight specific players and display importan information directly in the players focus.
    • Has its own "easy-to-use"-API for Variables.
    • Provides you an unique set of information-hooks to display.
    • Is very lightweight and fully flexible/scalable in its Setup.
    • Drag'n'Drop the jar's of the Dependencies into the '/plugins' - directory.
    • Drag'n'Drop the 'ProxyTablist.jar' into the '/plugins' - directory.
    • Restart BungeeCord.
    • Download some variables from the "Variable-Sources" - List below.
    • Drag'n'Drop all the variables you want to have into the '/plugins/ProxyTablist/variables' - directory.
    • Edit the config with all the settings and variables you want to have. The variable-placeholders are shown in the "Variable-Sources" - List below. Just write those Strings into some columns.
    • Restart BungeeCord.
    • You're done!
    About Variables
    Variables can be EVERY dynamic content in ProxyTablist. ProxyTablist by itself can just display plain text. In the standard-configuration there is just one "{player}" (Cause equal text doesn't show twice) in the whole tablist. Variables hook between the reading of the config file and the sending of the Text to the player. Every column gets checked against the patterns of the registered variables. If the column matches a variable the variable is asked for what should be shown there instead. For example the player-variable would answer ProxyTablist then the name of the first Player on the BungeeCord-Instance. You can easily code your own Variables; Just head right to the "For Developers" - Section.
    Here are some sources for Custom-Variables. If you want me to add your sources, too, just post me the Link of your GitHub-Project and a download-link. I'll only accept Open-Source-Variables.

    • Scrayos:
      • OwnPlayer:
        • Displays the viewers name.
        • {ownplayer}
        • DOWNLOAD
    • geNAZt (Updated by MegaAlex):
      • Date:
        • Displays the date in the given format.
        • {date:[DATEFORMAT]}
        • SOURCE
        • DOWNLOAD
      • OverAllCount:
        • Displays the playercount on this bungeecord-instance.
        • {overallCount}
        • SOURCE
        • DOWNLOAD
      • Player:
        • Displays a single Playername connected to the bungeecord-instance.
        • {player}
        • SOURCE
        • DOWNLOAD
      • PlayerInServer:
        • Displays a single Playername connected to this server.
        • {playerInServer:[SERVERNAME]}
        • SOURCE
        • DOWNLOAD
      • ServerPlayerCount:
        • Displays the playercount on this server.
        • {serverCount:[SERVERNAME]}
        • SOURCE
        • DOWNLOAD
    • TruDan:
      • CurrentServer:
        • Displays the name of the current server.
        • {currentServer}
        • SOURCE
        • DOWNLOAD
      • CurrentServerCount:
        • Displays the playercount of the current server.
        • {currentServerCount}
        • SOURCE
        • DOWNLOAD
      • ServerPlayer:
        • Displays a single Playername connected to the current server.
        • {serverPlayer}
        • SOURCE
        • DOWNLOAD
    []-Brackets just mark that you've to replace the content with real values. For example a valid Variable would be {serverPlayerCount:hub}.
    For Developers
    There is an "easy-to-use"-API in ProxyTablist to code your own Custom-Variables. You just have to create a Class which implements "Variable" (Its the interface of default variables). For reference, here's the Github-Link. I'm using Maven, so I would recommend you to use it, too. You've to add my Plugin's-Jar to your dependencies as well.
    The Donation-Thing
    Recent Donations:
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    Like the most of the Developers here on Spigot I create plugins in my freetime without any salary or something like that. That's the reason why I would like to state that my time is also limited and Donations are highly appreciated. So if you want to sponsor my next energy-drink or cup of coffee feel free to press that button above hard!​

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    Excellent work, bugs fixed in a quickly manner.
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