ProxyTickets 1.0.4

Global BungeeCord Ticket Plugin

  1. Sabbertran
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10

    ProxyTickets is an easy to use global ticket plugin.

    • SQL-based
    • fully customizable messages (standard and JSON formatted)
    • cross-server teleport to ticket locations
    • comment system
    < >: needed argument, [ ]: optional argument

    /ticket <text>
    Create a ticket with the given text

    Receive a list of open tickets
    /tickets <id>
    Receive information about a specific ticket
    /tickets page <page>
    Show the n-th page of open tickets
    /tickets claim <id>
    Claim a ticket to start working on it
    /tickets unclaim <id>
    Unclaim a ticket to stop working on it
    /tickets close <id> [answer]
    Close a ticket with or without an answer
    /tickets tp <id>
    Teleport to the location of a ticket
    /tickets comments <id>
    Show a list of all comments for a ticket
    /tickets purge all
    Delete all tickets from the database
    /tickets purge close
    Delete all closed tickets from the database
    /tickets purge confirm
    Confirm your purge request
    /tickets comment <id> <text>
    Create a comment to a ticket
    Permissions are read via Vault from the server you are currently online on

    Receive a message when a new ticket gets created
    /ticket page <page>
    /tickets <id>
    /tickets claim <id>
    Claim a ticket even if someone else has already claimed it
    Receive a message when a ticket gets claimed
    /unclaim <id>
    Unclaim a ticket event if someone else has claimed it
    Receive a message when a ticket gets claimed
    /tickets close <id>
    Close a ticket event if someone else has claimed it
    Close unclaimed tickets
    Receive a message when a tickets gets closed
    /tickets tp <id>
    /tickets comments <id>
    /tickets comment <id> <text>
    Comment on someone elses ticket
    Receive a message when someone comments on any ticket
    /tickets purge all
    /tickets purge closed
    /tickets purge confirm
    This is the default config with some explanations:
    Code (Text):
      SQL: # The data for your database connection
      - 'localhost'
      - '3306'
      - 'Database'
      - 'Username'
      - 'Password'
      TablePrefix: '' # Prefix for the database tables
        TimeFormat: dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm:ss # Time format for all dates
        TicketsPerPage: 5 # How many tickets should be on one page
    These placeholders should be pretty self explanatory:

      • %id%
      • %author%
      • %created%
      • %server%
      • %world%
      • %x%
      • %y%
      • %z%
      • %pitch%
      • %yaw%
      • %text%
      • %claimedBy%
      • %answer%
    These comment placeholders only take effect if the message is tied to a comment:

      • %commentAuthor%
      • %commentCreated%
      • %commentText%
      • %commentServer%
      • %commentWorld%
      • %commentX%
      • %commentY%
      • %commentZ%
      • %commentPitch%
      • %commentYaw%

    [​IMG] Source (ProxyTickets) on GitHub

    [​IMG] Source (ProxyTicketsBukkit) on GitHub
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Recent Reviews

  1. popbot
    Version: 1.0.4
    Does not work. Just says that I don't have permission but I've got * perms on both spigot and bungee!
  2. AeSix
    Version: 1.0.4
    I have forked this on Github and am updating it with changes to be suitable for my use. However, as it currently stands, it appears to be working!

    These changes:
    Updated to Java 10
    Properly added UTF-8
    Set to compile ProxyTickets for Bungeecord 1.13
    Set to compile ProxyTicketsBukkit for Spigot 1.13 SNAPSHOT
    Changed version from 1.0.4 to 1.1.0 (Will be incrementing as I work)
    Replaced /ticket with /modreq (No change to /tickets command)
    Removed the database "table prefix" nonsense. (fite me!) (please don't)

    I currently have ProxyTickets running on a Minecraft 1.13 compatible Bungeecord with a 1.12.2 Spigot server with ViaVersion. I am testing with 1.12.2 client.

    apt-get install maven
    apt-get install git
    mkdir git
    cd git
    git clone
    cd ProxyTickets
    mvn clean pacakge
    *** wait for it to build ***
    cd ../
    git clone
    cd ProxyTicketsBukkit
    mvn clean package
    *** wait for it to build ***
    cd ../

    The jar files will be in git/ProxyTickets/target and git/ProxyTicketsBukkit/target

    Copy the ProxyTickets jar to your Bungeecord plugins/ folder and restart Bungee (use a test server for configuring it!)

    Copy the ProxyTicketsBukkit jar to EACH of your Spigot servers' plugins folders. You don't need to configure anything.
  3. hakeem_j
    Version: 1.0.4
    real good plugin
    real good plugin
    real good plugin
    real good plugin
    real good plugin
  4. TheEnderWTF
    Version: 1.0.3
    Good plugin but the permissions not working, I use * in LuckPerms (Bungee) and Pex and not work, please fix it.
  5. AnarchistDev
    Version: 1.0.3
    Everything works well and as expected, except there is no way to recover or view a ticket once it has been closed, which is quite important to me. Regardless, I definitely recommend for networks.
  6. xSuperOllie
    Version: 1.0.3
    Good plugin but the permissions don't work. I've the plugin 'proxytickets.jar' in my Bungee and 'proxyticketsbukkit.jar' in my Spigot server and the permissions in PermissionsEx but it still doesn't work. I tried to add the permissions in Bungee but that didn't work to. Please fix this, thank you.
  7. Disc
    Version: 1.0.3
    Simplistic design and clear documentation makes this plugin a success. Works great out of the box with little configuration needed by the user. If you are looking for a ticket system for your Bungee proxy, look no further.
  8. CookieCraft
    Version: 1.0.3
    Nice Plugin, but the Permissions don't working!!!
    1. Sabbertran
      Author's Response
      Are you sure that you have set them up on the Bukkit/Spigot servers?

      Also, in the future, please use the discussion thread for reporting problems, thanks.
  9. tiamot
    Version: 1.0.3
    Works as presented. Easy to configure and does exactly as it says. Throw together a quick web panel and this would be an instant 5-star.
  10. xxNinexx
    Version: 1.0.3
    Nice Plugin But Permissions Not Working
    1. Sabbertran
      Author's Response
      The permissions are Bukkit/Spigot based and not set on the Bungee. Hope that fixes your problems.