PSJoinItems » An AddOn for PlayerServers! 2.1

Give players items in your lobby to run commands. Fully configurable. Uses PlayerServers API.

  1. Absentee23
    PSJoinItems is an AddOn plugin for PlayerServers! It cannot be used without PlayerServers!

    PlayerServers AddOn » PSJoinItems
    PSJoinItems is an add on plugin for PlayerServers that allows servers creators to add custom items given on join, which when clicked will run a command. It's that simple! You can add your own items, set their slot #, material, name, lore, durability, and custom command.

    This was a small addon for PlayerServers that a user commissioned, which has been authorized for release.
    PSJoinItems is an AddOn plugin for PlayerServers! It cannot be used without PlayerServers!

    Features »
    • Uses PlayerServers item api to create custom items given on join.
    • Add on your lobby server to give easy one-click access to any commands, including ones that open PlayerServers GUIs.
    • Specify plugin dependencies to have them install when needed.
    • 2 default items:
      • "My PlayerServer" » Runs /ps command and opens the control GUI.
      • "Join a PlayerServer" » Runs /ps join command and opens the join GUI.
    • Add or remove items as you want from the config, all custom items will be read from the config.
    Screenshot »
    Opening PlayerServers' PS control GUI (command: /ps) using a custom sign item (GUI is a part of PlayerServers) :
    Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 2.56.49 PM.png

    Requirements »
    Installation »
    1. Install PSJoinItems.jar on your bukkit servers. ex: your lobby and/or any servers you want join items to be given on.
    2. Restart the server to generate the config file on each of the servers you installed the plugin on.
    3. Customize the config settings, add and remove items as you see fit.
    4. Custom items can be added by copy/pasting and following the same format as the other items, being sure to change the key name (ex: "join" is a key name in the default config, see exampleCustomItem below)
    5. Restart the server(s) and you're done! Items will be given on join!
    Config Example »
    Code (Text):
        slot: 8
        material: GRASS
        durability: 0
        quantity: 1
        name: "&e&l&oJoin a PlayerServer."
        lore: "Click here to join||an available PlayerServer."
        command: "/ps join"

        slot: 7
        material: SIGN
        durability: 0
        quantity: 1
        name: "&a&l&oMy PlayerServer"
        lore: "Click here to control||your PlayerServer."
        command: "/ps"

        slot: 6
        material: DIAMOND
        durability: 0
        quantity: 1
        name: "&b&l&oFeatured Servers"
        lore: "Click here to view||featured PlayerServers!"
        command: "/featuredservers"

        slot: 0
        material: BEDROCK
        durability: 0
        quantity: 1
        name: "&aExample Custom Item"
        lore: "Click to start server"
        command: "/ps home"

Recent Updates

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