Public Teleports 1.0.0

Set locations which use 5-digit codes. If someone knows the code, they can teleport to the location.

  1. Ninty
    Abandoned resource.


    /ptp set - set a location with a random 5-digit code.
    /ptp remove [key] - Removes your location IF you have the key.
    /ptp go [key] - Teleport to a location using a key.

    Admin commands:
    /ptpa set [key] - Set a location with a specific key.
    /ptpa remove [key] - Removes any location IF you have the key.
    /ptpa info [key] - See who owns a specific key.
    /ptpa player [player] - See what key a specific player owns.

    Note: doing either base command (/ptp, /ptpa) will tell you the list of commands and what they do.

    ptp.use - Use all normal commands.
    ptp.admin - Use all admin commands.