Public Whispers 1.0.1-beta

Make whispers public for everyone to see.

  1. MatthewSH
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10
    Public Whispers makes the private whispers public for everyone to see on the server. Simple as that. Also, it formats them so it's obvious who it was sent from and makes whispers in general look a bit better.

    This is only a little bit tested, so I've put it into beta. Please report back anything and everything that happens. If it works well, please let me know.

    Don't want messages from a person (or group) to be public? Make the publicwhispers.publicize permission false. There you go.

Recent Updates

  1. Adding spaces to whispers.

Recent Reviews

  1. CloudeLecaw
    Version: 1.0.1-beta
    What a Strengh but cool new Idea. I never thought about the Option to make privat whispering public for everyone.
    - 1 star of 5 because it cant be extanted currently to all forms of whispering
    (specialy when you use an other plugin for your /pm /w /tell, /etc)
    the plugin should be able to also hook in These whispers to make it more efficent.
    Also for next Version you may should try to make the description look a bit "cooler" ;)

    But the idea of the plugin itself is cool, new (and different from many others like 'myEssentialsPlugin Nrxx'), and it works as descriped.
    so finally: 4/5 Stars :-)
    1. MatthewSH
      Author's Response
      By default the plugin supports tell, pm, message, msg, whisper, w. If you have any more you would like me to add, please let me know.

      Have you tried those commands? Are you having issues?

      Also, what do you mean by make the description look cooler? You mean in game, or here? Can you expand on that please. I'm open to any suggestions.