Rain Creates Puddles!

  1. Gamebuster19901
    Note: If you are using skript 2.2 beta, this resource is not compatible with it. You can download a compatible version here: https://pastebin.com/VWLzUDYR

    Puddles.sk is a custom made skript that allows puddles to form in semi-random locations while it rains.


    How it works
    Puddles.sk creates an invisible box centered around around the player (default 30x20x30)
    Puddles.sk will only create a puddle if all of the following conditions are met:

    1. The puddle will form on specified blocks which you can configure

    2. All blocks above the puddle are air or other non solid blocks (This is configurable too)

    3. The puddle will not replace any block unless it is specifically allowed to do so (Finally, this is configurable too!)

    1. Creates puddles when it rains

    2. Puddles automatically evaporate after a short while, fastest during the day while it is not raining

    3. You can disable puddles from forming in specific worlds.

    4. 90% Customizable and 100% Open source :)

    */puddle debug: Enables debug mode, shows where puddles form and disappear, and if physics is blocked.
    */puddles list: lists locations of puddles in a world, or all worlds.
    **/puddles list [<world | all>]
    */puddles clear: Clears all puddles in a world, or all worlds.
    **puddles clear: [<world | all>]
    */puddles test: This is for debugging if it is possible for a puddle to form at your feet, if it is not possible, it will tell (and show you) which blocks prevent a puddle from forming.
    */puddles enable|disable [<world | all>]:
    **Enables/disables puddles for a world
    */puddles list [<world|all>]:
    **Lists all puddles in specified world
    */puddle tp <integer> [<world>]:
    **Teleports you to specfied puddle
    */puddles help

    *Allow ops to control how fast puddles evaporate

    skript 2.1.2

    Older Downloads

    You can find other downloads at this skript's bukkit page. I will mainly check there for issues and help requests.
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Recent Updates

  1. Bugfix
  2. Minor update: Adjustable tick rate
  3. Update for Puddles.sk

Recent Reviews

  1. barsukozavr
    Now I love rain... and this skript xD Very realistic
  2. Gimmes
    Nice plugin!
    1. Gamebuster19901
      Author's Response
      Thank you . If there is anything that needs to be addressed, such as bugs or any features you want, please let me know :).
  3. TheOddPuff
    Nice job!
    1. Gamebuster19901
      Author's Response
      Thanks, if there is anything you would like added or changed, let me know :).