Pumpkin King Boss 2020-1.1

Fight the king of pumpkins in an epic battle.

  1. PumpkinBear111
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Minecraft's current bosses are so boring.
    Like, c'mon. The game is 10 years old yet we have 3 bosses.
    Someone should fix that. Oh wait. I did.

    I added a new boss to Minecraft, the Pumpkin King. He has 200 health, is 7x as fast as a zombie, and will dominate in battle. This boss is crazy.

    How to summon pumpkin king:
    Break a jack o lantern.

    Youtube video:

    This video was made in version 1.0, but that is a buggy version and it is suggested that you download the most recent version.

    /killPumpkinKing - Removes the pumpkin king when it is alive. Does not drop items. Permission: pumpkin.kill
    /summonPumpkinKing - Spawns the pumpkin king in your current location. Permission: pumpkin.spawn

    Installation instructions:
    Download and put into 1.16 spigot plugins folder.
    Start the server or /reload.

    10/31/2020 - An update is currently being in development.

Recent Updates

  1. Config.yml and console errors fix.

Recent Reviews

  1. stone_sword
    Version: 2020-1.1
    beautiful useful and functional. you should add a boss bar and other mobs. beatiful
    1. PumpkinBear111
      Author's Response
      I might remake this as a Forge mod with more stuff like a bossbar. I tried to get a bossbar working when I originally made this but couldnt get it working.