PumpkinTag Minigame 1.2.2

Run, steal the pumpkin or die!

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    • Description •
    What is Pumpkin Tag? well, is a simple event where 1 of 3 people in the event will receive a pumpkin in his head, after the event begins the people with pumpkin should escape from the other people. Each 20 seconds the event will move a player who doesn't have a pumpkin in his head out of arena, when the arena not has more people without pumpkin the event will finish and the people with pumpkin will win the event!

    It's very funny! i will continue working in this with more features and make it a big funny event!

    • How to Build an arena •
    •1• Build your arena
    •2• Type this command in the respawn area: /pumpkin create <ArenaName>
    •3• Play, very simple!
    • Commands
    /pumpkin a - Command list
    /pumpkin create <ArenaName> - Create arena
    /pumpkin delete <ArenaName> - Delete arena
    /pumpkin join <ArenaName> - Join arena
    /pumpkin leave - Leave arena
    • Features
    • Simple setup
    • Scoreboard
    • Arena Save
    • Signs to join/leave
    • Vault
    • Config.yml

    • Next Features •
    Sound when user die
    • Permissions
    • Lightning when user dies
    • More config[+]
    • Select Language
    • Spectator Zone
    • Execute command to winner
    • More Commands

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