PunishGUI (1.17 - 1.18.x) 5.0.2

The Best PunishmentGUI Plugin

  1. mgmadnesstv
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    PunishGUI is a addon for your Punishment Plugin for Server Staff, allowing Punishment of players a lot easier.
    Fully customizable Config.
    Supports Every Punishment Plugin.
    Up to 14 Different Reasons PER category.
    /punish - Open the PunishmentGUI
    PunishGUI is proudly sponsored by Hosting! They provide high quality server hosting for many games including Minecraft. 24/7 Support with fast response times. Get your Server today!
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Recent Reviews

  1. TheUnknown_
    Version: 4.2.3
    No images to display what the UI looks like in-game above so had to download it to see for myself. In these words, I would recommend putting some images above to help people decide if they want to use it. 5 star though!
    1. mgmadnesstv
      Author's Response
      Hey! Thanks for the review. Images will be coming when I make some changes to the UI itself. Im adding a lot more features so I decided to leave them out for now.
  2. Hetti
    Version: 4.2.2
    it does not track punishment history :( This is really all I want haha, would be great if this could be added
    1. mgmadnesstv
      Author's Response
      Hey! This is something i could work on adding in the next few updates. Thanks for the suggestion and review :)
  3. Porkchop
    Version: 4.2.0
    This plugin works very well! I tested it out, but everyone beware, there is a spigot glitch with the website at the moment which is giving users the wrong files for their downloads. Please make sure you have the right file before making a review.
  4. ItzMeLegendHDYT
    Version: 4.2.0
    Great plugin I really recommend downloading this but I would like to add a suggestion saying It would be great if you added more lines to each punishment type from 1 to 6 to like 15 maybe because on my server I have more than 6 different types of punishments for perm ban for example and I cannot fill them all in the gui or maybe add and show us how to add more types also I think adding a ban, tempban, kick, banip, or any sort of punishment type should have it own layout like LiteBans so we could customize the layouts.. otherwise I'm really happy with it.
    1. mgmadnesstv
      Author's Response
      These are all features I'm planning on adding in the future. Thanks for the review!
  5. Klunglad
    Version: beta-4.2.0
    Easy to use with no problems, easy to customize, I recommend you to download this plugin as it is lightweight and works perfectly. 10/10
    1. mgmadnesstv
      Author's Response
      Thank You, Appreciate it!
  6. ClassifiedDuck
    Version: beta-4.2.0
    Great Plugin! Thanks for this awesome tool, it really helps with moderation on my server!
    1. mgmadnesstv
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. Appreciate It
  7. ironinventor
    Version: 3.0.1
    I had an issue with this plugin to begin with but the author got back to me and ammended the issue in less than 24 hrs much appreciated. Great service and well designed plugin :)
  8. TheAndroidGamer
    Version: 2.0.2
    is there a github link anywhere for this as i would like to look at the code to make some slight edits
  9. Top
    Version: 2.0.1
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    1. mgmadnesstv
      Author's Response
      Hey Im about to update the plugin with a fix
  10. JavaCoded
    Version: 1.1.2
    This plugin is just amazing! really love it and highly customizable ...

    Only thing I wish you added was Ability to make the blocks glow! that would be amazing!
    1. mgmadnesstv
      Author's Response
      Hey thanks! thats a good idea i will try implement it in the next update if i have time