PunishManager 1.0.4

Advanced punish plugin that offers many features to servers.

  1. Mehmet_27
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    RoinujNosde, Minat0_
    Languages Supported:
    English and Turkish. You can add as many language support as you want.
    Discord Announce & Role Support, Multi Lang Support, All Common Punishment Commands

    PunishManager offers you many features you need to create a quality environment on your server. It has general ban and mute commands. It has optional Discord features.

    • You can punish players who have previously joined your server but are offline.
    • It has multi-language support. Messages are sent to the sent player in the same language, taking the client language of the player. If the player's language does not have a language file, the messages in the default language file you specified will be used.
    • When a player is punished, you can send embed messages to a specific channel in discord.
    • When you mute a player, you can assign a role that you specify in discord while they are muted.
    • You can use mysql or a local database if you want.
    • You can prevent players that you specify in the configuration from being punished.
    • If you want, you can show the names of everyone who has entered the server before in the tab completions.
    • You can ban commands you don't want players to use while muted.
    • All disconnect messages are customizable.
    • You can see the current status of the player with the /check command.
    • You can quickly reload the plugin's configuration single commands.
    • A handy gui for general management(requires Protocolize)
    Important Informations
    • To add and remove roles for players in Discord, you must be connected to a mysql database and use the DiscordSRV plugin, and the tables of the DiscordSRV plugin and the PunishManager plugin must be in the same database.
    • For the GUI feature, the Protocolize plugin must be installed on your bungeecord server.
    • ban <player> [reason]: Ban a player.
    • tempban <player> <time> [reason]: Temporarily bans a player.
    • ipban <player> [reason]: Bans a player's ip address.
    • mute <player> [reason]: Mute a player.
    • tempmute <player> <time> [reason]: Temporarily mutes a player.
    • kick <player> [reason]: Kicks a player from the server.
    • unban <player>: Removes a player's ban.
    • unmute <player>: Removes a player's mute.
    • unpunish <player>: Removes all punishes.
    • check <player>: Checks the current status of a player.
    • punishmanager: The main command of the plugin.
    • punishmanager gui: Opens gui for simple management
    • punishmanager reload: Reloads the plugin.
    • punishmanager help: Help command.
    • ban: punishmanager.command.ban
    • tempban: punishmanager.command.tempban
    • ipban: punishmanager.command.ipban
    • mute: punishmanager.command.mute
    • tempmute: punishmanager.command.tempmute
    • kick: punishmanager.command.kick
    • unban: punishmanager.command.unban
    • unmute: punishmanager.command.unmute
    • unpunish: punishmanager.command.unpunish
    • check: punishmanager.command.check
    • punishmanager gui: punishmanager.command.punishmanager.gui
    • punishmanager reload: punishmanager.command.punishmanager.reload
    • punishmanager help: punishmanager.command.punishmanager.help
    Contact and Support

    If you need help with the plugin, you can contact me on our discord server.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Minat0_
    Version: 1.0.0
    Hi there! I'm one of the contributor of this plugin.
    I haven't worked on it too much, primarily it's Mehmet's plugin.

    There are couple of things what I don't like:
    1. There is no GUI for commands. I want to see the list of banned players at the GUI.
    2. The plugin works only on Bungee, could be added support for more cores.
    3. The error' messages are not customized.
    4. I want to see the documentation at the gitbook or another place for wiki.
    5. And other small things, like spigot' page design, missing readme.md at github and API support.

    Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the plugin from my friend. He really tried hard.
    ( ̄▽ ̄)
    1. Mehmet_27
      Author's Response
      Hello my friend.

      Thank you for this nice comment and suggestions.
      I will try to add the things you suggest to the plugin as soon as possible.