PunishManager 1.0.4

Advanced punish plugin that offers many features to servers.

  1. add UpdateChecker

    Added UpdateChecker to be notified when an update is released later.
  2. Fix crash if protocolize is not found

    Fixed the problem of the plugin crashing when the Protocolize plugin required for the GUI feature could not be found.
  3. A test version for some new features

    NOT: This is a test version for some new features
    For the new gui feature, Protocolize must be installed on your server.
    For language files, you need to check and add new values or delete and re-create.

    + Added new gui feature for use plugin to easily
    + Players will now start with the default language in the config.
    + Now players can change their language via a gui.

    - Automatic language selector removed.

  4. Bug fixes

    +Fixed a fatal bug that occurred when using local storage.
    +Fixed the issue where the language in the cache would not change when a player changed their language.
    +If a player's language cannot be retrieved, it will now assign the default language to it.