Punishment [MP Style] 3.0

Exact copy of a PunishmentGUI system of a server that will not be named

  1. Arnie
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    This is an exact copy of an advanced multi-server supported punishment GUI system

    - MySQL Supported
    - SQLite Supported

    - Punishment times increment
    - Punishment History GUI
    - Specific Permissions
    - Neat GUI
    - Block commands while muted
    - Bungee Supported:
    * It will kick players from the proxy

    - Turn off your server
    - Go into your plugins folder
    - Place the Punish.jar in there
    - Start your Server

    If you want to use a MySQL (Not Required)
    - Stop it again and go configure the MySQL Login Info
    - Start it up again and you're done!
    If you want to edit the config:
    - Go into the config
    - Edit what's needed
    - Reload the server

    - /Punish <user> <reason> - Opens up punishment gui

    - Punish.Use - Ability to use /punish, view history, and issue Severity 1 + Warnings
    - Punish.ClearHistory - Ability to use /clearhistory
    - Punish.Alert - Get notified when a user gets punished
    - Punish.Mod - Issue Severity 2+ punishments
    - Punish.Perms - Issue permanent ban & mute punishments






    Contact me:

    Discord: xBenz#9703
    Spigot: @Arnie
    If you want a custom change to the report or extra feature, message me and we can discuss it.

    - Do not reupload
    - Do not decompile

    Thanks, but please do not post any issues as a review! If you have any issues, please private message me them either though Spigot or Discord!

    If you enjoyed my plugin, please donate up above! <3
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Recent Reviews

  1. Titans_Skripts
    Version: 3.0
    Works as it should. I wish the messages were customizable but that is not a major problem. The MySQL support works perfectly after getting it setup and connected. Great work! :P
  2. A__NeonFox__
    Version: 3.0
    This looks like a great plugin! I really want it but I can't get it, can you please update this to 1.14.4 Spigot/Bukkit! Thank you!
    1. Arnie
      Author's Response
      1 star because I clearly listed it’s not compatible for higher versions?