Punishment System [MCC] 7.0

A punishment system for a network (MCC Styled)

  1. Arnie
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    This Punishment GUI plugin is the most advanced punishment system. This was developed by me but was inspired by the server MC-Central.


    - MySQL AND SQLite compatible !!
    - Punishment times increment
    - Clearing History
    - Single Punishment Clearing
    - Punishment History in GUI
    - Specific Permissions
    - Anti Abuse System:
    Only the original punisher can remove a punishment unless with special permissions
    - Neat GUI
    - Block commands while muted
    - Revoking commands
    - Advanced temp-ban feature
    - Past offenses of everything
    - IP-Lookups
    - IPBans
    - IPBan History
    - Bungee supported:
    If you have a bungee server, it will kick players from the proxy


    - Turn off your server
    - Go into your plugins folder
    - Place the Punishment.jar in there
    - Start your Server
    - ENJOY!

    If you plan to use a MySQL Database:
    - Stop it again and go configure the MySQL Login Info
    - Start it up again and you're done!
    If you want to edit the config:
    - Go into the config
    - Edit what's needed
    - Reload the server


    - /Punish <user> <reason> - Opens up punishment gui
    - /Clearpunish <ID> - Clears a specific punishment from history

    - /Clearip <ID> - Clears a specific ipban from history
    - /Puniship <IP> <reason> - IPbans a user
    - /Unpuniship <IP> - Removes an ipban
    - /Checkip <IP> - Lists all history of the IP
    - /Iplookup <IP/User> - List the accounts under an IP | List the IP's under an account


    - Punish.Use - Ability to use /punish, listed as staff, ability to use warning, kick + all chat offenses
    - Punish.Staff - Ability to punish other staff members
    - Punish.IPBan - Ability to use /puniship and /unpuniship
    - Punish.ViewIP - Ability to view the IP in a puniship broadcast message
    - Punish.TempBan - Access the tempban menu
    - Punish.PermBan - Use the perm-ban option
    - Punish.Ban - Ability to use gameplay and client mod offenses
    - Punish.Alert - Receive punishment alerts
    - Punish.Clear - Ability to use /clearpunish + the Clear All Punishments icon
    - Punish.Iplookup - Ability to /iplookup
    - Punish.CheckIP - Ability to use /checkip
    - Punish.ClearIP - Ability to use /clearip

    - Punish.Unmute - Use the unmute option
    - Punish.Unban - Use the unban option
    - Punish.TpaBan - Use the 2day tpa ban + remove tpa ban
    - Punish.RevokeSell - Use the perm sell ban + remove sell ban
    - Punish.Bypass - Remove other staff members punishments



    Iron Sword: Chat Offences (Type: Mute)
    Gold Sword: Gameplay Offences (Type: Ban)
    Diamond Sword: Client Modification Offences (Type: Ban)

    Green Glass: Severity 1 (Punishment type/length varies depending on which offense)
    Yellow Glass: Severity 2 (Punishment type/length varies depending on which offense)
    Red Glass: Severity 3 (Punishment type/length varies depending on which offense)

    Redstone Block: Perm-Ban
    Redstone Dust: Temp-Ban Menu

    Map: Latest Punishment

    Paper: Warn
    Leather Boots: Kick
    Command Block: Open Extra Punishments GUI

    Book: View All Punishments Menu


    Green Dye: Increase time
    Pink Dye: Decrease time
    Stained Glass: Shows select time
    Diamond: Issue temp-ban

    Arrow: Back to main punishment menu


    Far Left Red Dye: Unmute
    Left Red Dye: Unban
    Far Right Red Dye: Remove Revoke Sell
    Right Dye: Remove Tpa Tempban

    Left Anvil: 2 Day Tpa Tempban
    Middle Anvil: Clear All Punishments
    Right Anvil: Permanent Revoke Sell

    Bed: Back to main punishment menu


    ID is used for /clearpunish
    The red bold number is the past offense



    Green = Not punished
    Red = Banned

    Yellow = Muted
    Purple = Both muted and Banned

    That is how /iplookup looks like. The date shows the login date


    This idea was inspired by MC-Central

    I am also willing to make custom changes such as duration, command bans, etc but will cost money. PM me if you are interested

    Contact me:
    Discord: xBenz#9703
    Spigot: @Arnie
    If you want a custom change to the report or extra feature, message me and we can discuss it.

    Thanks, but please do not post any issues as a review! If you have any issues, please private message me them either though Spigot or Discord!

    If you enjoyed my plugin, please donate up above! <3

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Recent Reviews

  1. DylanFox
    Version: 7.0
    After the recent update, the lag is fixed still lacking with customization
    though other than that great plugin especially for free
  2. DylanFox
    Version: 6.1.2
    The punishment layout and ideas are great but when connected to a database the query's seem to be really slow I have yet to do testing on a local database and will do so shortly so, for now, I am using SQLite only problem is I want to run it on a network Bungee support would be amazing I also believe there is a lot of open-source bungee handlers out there and more customization would be great
    1. Arnie
      Author's Response
      The lag issues were just fixed today (new update)
      If you connect it to a SQL Server, that makes it bungee compatible :)
  3. Jayy47
    Version: 6.1
    It is so good, the GUI the Punishments but there is one thing which completly destroys the plugin, that would be the config or the customisation, you cant edit anything, if u could edit die gui the messages the offenses the time for punishments it would be fucking great
    1. Arnie
      Author's Response
      I’ll work on that for next release
  4. botrig
    Version: 5.0
    No errors, absolutely amazing plugin. It's so easy to use and the ban screen looks super nice :^)