Punishments Manager 1.0

Basic plugin to manage punishments. With MySQL support.

  1. ipsyko
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10

    Punishments Manager is a plugin that helps you organize/manage which player was punished, what punishment was given, for how long was it punished and more.

    Most servers use other features to take notes of griefers and other rule breakers.

    With this plugin it simplifies it for you. After for example muting a player simply do /punish add and it will be saved on the database and you can easily see what punishment was given to the player by just doing /punish check.

    Simple and easy to use.
    MySQL support.
    Quick check.

    Commands and Permissions
    punishments.* - For all permissions
    /punish help - Displays list of all commands - punishments.help
    /punish help <command> - Displays help for a specific command - punishments.help
    /punish check <player> - Displays list of all punishments added for a specific player - punishments.check
    /punish add <player> <punishment> <time> <reason> - Adds a new punishment to the database - punishments.add

    Punishments Manager Web Interface
    As an addition if you're using a MySQL server and want to check the punishments from your website, there is the web interface.


    Click here to download the interface.

    Simply unzip the file and put the files on your web server directory.
    Then change the details on core/config.php.

    More features.

    GUI Menu.

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    This is the first plugin I've ever done so feel free to write some criticisms and suggestions. ♥

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    Thanks for downloading!​

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    Version: 1.0
    Good plugin :D

    One day update will be made?

    This is a good plugin but the web I not like the picture in blue ://