PunishSystem 1.4.0

The most efficient player enforcer out there

  1. RictAcius
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    WARNING! This plugin depends on the plugin "Vault", if you do not have it, please download it from here and install it first!

    Please do not rate this plugin 1* if you find a bug, instead, report it from the Support section below.

    Punish System, is a plugin that allows you to enforce your rules on the players that join your server (for a better more efficient version of PunishSystem, check out PunishSystemPlus). You can do this in three ways:
    1. Warning the player:
    2. Banning the player.
    3. IPBanning (Added in 1.4.0)
    When you warn a player, depending on their current number of warns, one of the following actions will be taken:
    1. Kick the player (With the warning)
    2. Tempban the player (With the warning, 24H)
    3. Permanently ban the player (With reason)
    Temp bans are automatically removed by either the spigot API or the plugin itself (depends on your spigot version).

    This plugin allows you to mark players as being "Immune" this means that the player will be unable to be warned or banned, by players who do not have the required permission.

    Features of this plugin include:
    • Ability to punish offline players as well as online players
    • Ability to view a player's detailed history.
    • Ability to see if a player is immune or not as well as automatically setting them as immune if they have the Essentials exempt permissions.
    • Display time of temp ban end time to players who are banned.
    • The plugin will attempt to display the temp ban in the players own time zone. If it fails it will specify the time zone in GMT.
    1. Pick the right plugin from the download link "Punish System".
    2. Place plugin in your server plugins folder.
    3. Restart your server.
    4. Configure the config to your preference (or leave it if you like it the way it is :p).
    5. Restart your server.
    6. Enjoy!
    The plugin supports 'star notation' ie) players with * or punishsystem.* will have access to all permissions within the plugin.
    • "punishsystem.punish" - Grants player access to the punish menu
    • "punishsystem.history" - Grants player access to view other player's history
    • "punishsystem.warn" - Grants player access to warn other players
    • "punishsystem.ban" - Grants player access to ban other players
    • "punishsystem.punishimmune" - Grants player access to punish an immune player
    To add your server to this list, you must be running the plugin on your server, and contact me via discord from the Support section and servers channel.
    • Exteria Games - mc.exteriagames.net
    Please do not report bugs/errors/glitches in the reviews section, instead please post your issue on the GitHub page via the link below.
    If you're a developer and want to make your own version of PunishSystem, if you want to report a bug in PunishSystem or if you just want to see how PunishSystem works, visit this link.
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